Easter 2014 and The Boston Marathon Verdict

We are in Boston!

IMG 2394

Loving the city and the family time.

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We had a beautiful and blessed Easter morning at the Old North Church – (BTW – if you missed the video on Instagram, you have to see it … the Gs just make up words to the hymns as everyone sings.  Hilarious)

Followed by some sightseeing, Lobstah at the Barking Crab in the Seaport and some Georgetown Cupcakes.

A fantastic day.

Easter in Boston

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You may ask … (a few of you already have) What are you doing in Boston suspiciously on marathon weekend?

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I’ve had it in my dreams and plans to run Boston 2014 for over a year now.  Starting with LA Marathon 2013, where I first qualified continuing through the fall where I again qualified in Chicago … and into the Winter of 2014 as the thought of training began.  Well Winter 2014 took me on a different route, and subsequently got in the way of my training.

When I found out that I wasn’t pregnant and that FET had not worked, I immediately poured myself back into Boston Training.  I had a month to whip myself into shape and I was on a mission.  Wrong again, my body has other plans.  It has been a rough 4 weeks for me, and health wise I am not at a level that is advisable to run a marathon.  I had a rather hilarious conversation with my doctor where he told me that I was risking too much trying to follow through with my dream of Boston 2014.

Net Net, I’m listening to the doctors, I’m not running and honestly I’m upset about it.  I wish I was toeing the line in Hopkinton tomorrow morning.  However I will be on the sidelines cheering my heart out for some incredible runners.

I have so much more to say, and after being here the weekend I am full of emotions about this race … but I will save it for another time and just say GOOD LUCK to the Boston 2014 runners.  May all your miles be full of pride and love for this incredible sport and this incredible city.  

And as for me … see you in 2015 BAA Start Line.

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#RunCoach: Running UpHill

Running Up Hills

Run Coach Question of the Week:

What is the right way to run uphill? 

(1) Engage your lower abs: Activating your lower abs will ensure that you aren’t pushing your backside out and creating an arch in your back.  You want to tuck your hips and take any curve out of your lower back.

(2) Think arms: Zip your arms in close to your body and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.  Think about pushing backwards with the elbows so that you get a full arm swing, rather than just swinging your arms at the front of your body.

(3) Shorten your stride & activate from your toes: push off your toes as you drive uphill, that will give you more power.  Take smaller, quicker steps rather than trying to bound up the hill.

(4) Lean into the hill:  A proper lean is not hinging at the waist, but rather from the ankles.  You want to angle your body into the hill, so as not to fight gravity.

(5) Keep Smiling. You’re almost to the top!

Do you have a running question for me? Leave me a comment below or send me an email at!



An ode to Q1 2014

Dear Q1 2014,


Well you have been quite the ride.  I went into this year with high hopes for a new kind of training, I spent almost 3 months deep in the clutches of a tough FET cycle.  And now on the other side of that not working I am here trying to find myself and my direction.

The good news: I know how to do that.  I have this magical thing in my life called running.  Running centers me, it helps me work through the tough emotions and it gives me a place to be with my thoughts.

I left running behind during Q1 2014, I rested and I took time off.  That may or may not have been the best decision for my body, but it certainly left my heart and my brain missing an integral part of who I am.

I’m saying goodbye to that time off, goodbye to that step back.  I’m back to running, trying desperately to find the place where my love for the run and my confidence on the run match.  Its hard, but I love that.  I love that I find every step challenging and I especially love that when I finish a run I can look back at it with a huge smile and huge sense of accomplishment.

IMG 3110

So in hindsight Q1 2014 thank you for the tough love but I will be moving on from here.  One mile at a time.

Sincerely, Gia