Friday Favorites & Life’s outtakes #2

Hi all, We are almost through our first week of spring break and I can’t believe it!  The Gs have been skiing up a storm and are seemingly never tired of it.  Maybe thats because its 55 degrees and sunny on the ski mountain!  I’m not skiing and I really miss it, VC and I love to spend time on the slopes together … but that will have to wait until next season!  

beaver creek ski.

I’ve been walking a ton, running a little and soaking up as much sunshine as humanly possible.  I have high hopes for a little snow shoeing this weekend! 

I wanted to share some favorites with you that I’ve been loving lately.  

Low Carb Bread Co and their YUM bagels. 

These bagels have been a lifesaver for the past few months.  Not only are they delicious and curb my carb cravings, but they also have 14 grams of protein in them.  Seeing as I have very little to do with meat these days, this is a huge help in my protein intake.  And IF I was counting calories they only have 120 calories per bagel (just saying!) 

great low carb bread co

“You are not your Diet” by Nia Shanks via Greatest 

As a person who struggled with disordered eating when I was younger, I know how the struggle never really goes away.  There have been times in my life when I have qualified myself by my diet or my workout for the day.  I love the reminder that “Health and fitness should be a means for you to pursue the best version of yourself while living a more awesome life.

Soul Cycle on Spotify!!  You guys! I am so late to know this I’m sure … but yay for new music and awesome playlists. 

Lynx Sportswear Crops  These crops have been amazing during the first trimester.  They have a wide waistband with “core support” which has been lovely for my growing abdomen.  Its not uncomfortable tight, but I feel like my abdomen is protected and held in.  

IMG 7935

This was week 8 … and even though I have expanded considerably since then, these crops still fit and are fab! 

I think they are going to be perfect postpardum as well. They are also adorable with the stipe calf detail.  

lynx sportswear

The people at Lynx were generous enough to send me one pair of their Horizons Capri and I loved them so much that I bought 2 more!  Highly recommended.  

Outtakes: Funny Things The Gs Said:

When I told the Gs that I am pregnant …G1 immediately said “WHY”?  My mom captured the moment in a photo #priceless

baby makes 5

We got a parking ticket this week … (driving in and out of the city daily I am actually surprised at how few I get) When we saw it on the car I was upset and The Gs were asking me what it was and why it was given to us.

They took it in, but that night as I was putting them to bed … G2 quietly said to me “Mama, you broke the law.  How long are you going to be in jail?” 


Pregnancy Update! 13 Weeks

13 weeks

13 weeks pregnant

Its the 2nd trimester!  We made it to the 2nd trimester … I even bought the baby his first present 

IMG 8604

Loved by Hannah & Eli


So much better!  Spring has sprung and I have a spring in my step.  I’m not falling sleeping every minute of the day and I even booked some running miles this week.  PHEW.  There is still some sickness going on.  Its happening at night when I lay down to go to bed and it wakes me up at night.  BUT I’ll take it, at least its not during the day and I’m always close to the bathroom :) 

Body Changes?

This baby is growing!  I don’t have a significant bump yet, but I am feeling the growing pains in my abdomen for sure.  My chest is ridiculous, I can’t even …

I’m feeling a mental change.  There is this wild zen-ness that has come over me.  I’m not an overly zen person, I’m busy and always doing one thing or twelve at a time.  But suddenly I’m calmer.  I find myself just hanging out in the living room and listening to the sound of the kids playing, or taking a slightly longer shower.  I even took a long luxurious bath!  I dont know what it is, but I have a feeling that I’m finally calm about this pregnancy and not edgy that something awful will happen.  


Yes to Avocados all day every day.  

avocado humor

Salad is finally back in play, but without any kind of vinegar.  The smell of vinegar is too much for me right now.  No to cooked vegetables, in fact I have an instant upchuck reaction to the smell of cauliflower.  That was a fun discovery.  


Yes and it is great!!! Running, walking, pilates OH MY.  It feels good to be back on the fitness train.  My body is thanking me for moving around more! 

running on the East River NYC.

A few random thoughts this week …

We told The Gs the gender!  In case you missed it … 

I’m starting to wrap my head around this 3 kids thing!  I honestly feel like the exhaustion came partially from chasing after busy 4 year olds while cooking a baby, and I don’t expect that will change anytime soon.  I remember how serene life was for the first few months with the G’s, I mean yes we had no sleep and there were crying babies but there is a calm that happens to a household when the first baby (babies) come in.  Family pops in and out, you have time with your husband to figure out routine … there is no way thats going to happen this time around.  The quiet hours when a newborn sleeps are never going to happen, the Gs are busy and loud.  The want to be in everything and a part of my every move.  I really have trouble imagining what that is going to be like with a newborn around!! 

Mamas, how did you do with a preschooler and a newborn around?  Help me prepare. 

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Gender Reveal! It’s a ….

Hello from sunny Colorado!  We’re in Beaver Creek for spring break and had a fun St Patrick’s Day surprise.  A sneaky little leprechaun left The Gs a box 

gender reveal

Those crazy leprechauns love to spill secrets … 

Gender reveal

After a few attempts they finally got it open 

Gender reveal 2

and discovered

Gender reveal 3


Gender reveal 4

As you can see by the looks on their faces, G2 is thrilled that he is going to be a big brother & G1 is wrapping her head around it.  She had her heart set on a sister … but after being told that she would be the ONLY girl and the only one who would want to play with mama’s jewlery, she’s warming up to the idea :)

VC and I are very excited.  I had a feeling from the start that it was a boy.  I have no way of explaining why I thought that, but I had a little intuition and wasn’t surprised when the CVS results came back.  

We’re brainstorming names.   G2 thinks he should be called Chase Marshall after his favorite Paw Patrol characters.  I have my heart set on a name too, now I just need to get VC on board!