Lululemon Post Party for NYCM!

Looking for a place to go after this Sunday’s New York Marathon?! Look no further! Lululemon is hosting an awesome POST PARTY

Sun, Nov 2 @ Bryant Park



RSVP here 

Having run the marathon many times now I know a few things about how hectic it can be after you finish.  There is a long walk to the baggage (unless you are using early exit) and the meeting spots for friends and family can be confusing.  Not to mention the cell coverage being a little spotty.  

This is a great option for you and your family to meet up at! Check it out … 

Lululemon  the post party

There will be lots of cool goodies:

  • Havaianas flip flops  
  • Custom lululemon #beenthererunthat tote 
  • Philosophy Purity wash station  
  • Complimentary Massages
  • Stretching stations led by Mile High Run Club 
  • Kick-ass DJ – May Kwok 
  • Food & beverages – yummy (healthy & decadent) snacks,
  • juice bar, beer,
  • prosecco
  • Medal-posing at the photo booth
  • Phone recharge station
  • Live coverage of the marathon
  • Meet-up spot for family/friends
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Mamalete Monday: Tina of Carrots n Cake

Happy Monday! Carrie here to introduce you to this week’s mamalete. Meet Tina of Carrots n Cake!


A fellow Massachusetts native, runner, dog owner, AND cake lover,  Tina shares in her blog her love of food, staying fit, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

 What is your sweet tooth craving?! 

OMG. Always CAKE. If I know I’m going to an event where there’s cake, I have to have a piece. The more frosting the better. The cake is a vehicle for the frosting. Obviously I like carrot cake- gotta have my serving of healthy too, but really i don’t discriminate between cake flavors. Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, I like it all!

Running, yoga, cross fit, and barre. You do it all. Tell me- it’s your ideal day. Quinn, Mal, and Murphy are having a a boys day- what does your day look like? 

I’m running the Boston Marathon this year. YES! So my ideal day absolutely includes a long run. Not doing a long run with a stroller sounds like a luxury. After, a BIG brunch- can the boys come to that?! 

You mention in your blog having UC. How do you incorporate that into a healthy lifestyle aka maintaining a fitness regime ?

I am still trying to figure this whole colitis thing out. What I’ve learned is that its so important for me to listen to my body, try new solutions, and do what I can to make myself feel better. Unfortunately for me, diets or eliminating certain foods don’t work for me- when I have a flare up, everything makes me feel sick. But when I’m healthy I eat pretty much everything! 

In your blog you talk about everything in moderation. Is this a philosophy you extend beyond food? 

Absolutely. This especially happens now in my training and being a mom. If I go all out at crossfit and my body is tired the next day, I take the day off. I’ve learned to really listen to my body. But I DEFINITELY still have workouts where I go all out. That’s what makes it fun right?!


Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.27.38 AM

How do you balance exercise with being a mom. What are your 3 how to tips for moms trying to incorporate fitness into their already packed regimen?  

1. We exercise together. I am  a big fan of our jogging stroller. Often, I’ll incorporate going his nap into us going for a walk or run in the jogging stroller. He loves it!

2. Short HIIT workouts at home are my best friend. I get the biggest bang for my buck. Short and sweet (well painful). Plus, I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home. 

3. I emphasize staying healthy and active as a family. And so does Mal! As a family, we grab the dog and the baby stroller and go for a light job or walk. Anything to get fresh air. For sure, once he’s bigger we’ll take hikes and bigger adventures together. I imagine my children competing in 1 mile road races. We love being active. 

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Mamalete Monday: Meet Christine of Love Life Surf!

Happy Mamalete Monday!  Each week we are going to feature a fabulous Mamalete and learn a little more about what makes her amazing!  This week is Christine of Love, Life, Surf, who I was able to get to know during Reach the Beach! Yet another reason why teaming up with this amazing group of inspiring women was awesome! 


So without further ado … Meet Christine-


Fellow RTBR runner, writer, Mom, Yogi, Runner, Wannabe Surfer. In her blog, Love Life Surf, she shares stories about life, family & fitness and to inspire others to embrace their choices to be happy and healthy.

In your latest post you wrote about slowing down the rush. What are your top 3 “how-to” tips for slowing down?

YES. And its so important!  Stepping away or getting “unplugged” from technology. For me, this means putting my phone, computer, and iPad away and being fully present to the moment.  Its even more important to do this if you rely heavily on technology but even more difficult! Sometimes, we need to slow down to speed up. For me, my running and yoga practice simultaneously speeds me up to slow me down. Whether in warrior 1 or running across the bridge, this time allows me to touch back and reconnect with me. Because I am free of most distractions, I am able to practice mindfulness. And my children (as much as I complain)! Our days have become so filled with drop offs, pick ups, and extracurriculars that spending even 5 minutes talking and catching up with them re-centers me. 

How do you incorporate a healthy lifestyle with parenting?

After having my first child, I realized I needed to make sure I had the time for ME. Fortunately, I have a supportive husband who steps in when I to take some ‘me’ time. But it’s always been important to me for my children to see me exercise. More so, we also try to be as active as possible with them. They’ve even surfed! My oldest is a part of Mighty Milers (running program led by NYRR) team- such a proud mommy moment. 



You mentioned in your blog you aren’t about to drop everything and surf the world- but it looks like you’ve visited some amazing place. What’s your favorite?! 

My instinct is Costa Rica- thats actually where we learned to surf. But I love Australia and Hawaii too. I joke with my husband that I’d drop everything and move to Sydney

4. What is the biggest piece of advice you’ve passed along to your boys?

Probably the best advice I ever received and what I try to teach my sons is the power of friendship. It is so important to surround yourself with good people. 

5. Its your ideal weekend- what does this entail? 

QUIET! Just kidding. Boys are so loud! It involves going to the beach, surfing. Absolutely no computer- and it involves having time with friends. Not being inside- except for making muffins. Both of the boys are loving cooking right now. Our favorite is zucchini muffins. But yes- as we often get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of NYC, I am always so grateful to have quality time with friends and family.