#RunCoach: Running UpHill

Running Up Hills

Run Coach Question of the Week:

What is the right way to run uphill? 

(1) Engage your lower abs: Activating your lower abs will ensure that you aren’t pushing your backside out and creating an arch in your back.  You want to tuck your hips and take any curve out of your lower back.

(2) Think arms: Zip your arms in close to your body and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.  Think about pushing backwards with the elbows so that you get a full arm swing, rather than just swinging your arms at the front of your body.

(3) Shorten your stride & activate from your toes: push off your toes as you drive uphill, that will give you more power.  Take smaller, quicker steps rather than trying to bound up the hill.

(4) Lean into the hill:  A proper lean is not hinging at the waist, but rather from the ankles.  You want to angle your body into the hill, so as not to fight gravity.

(5) Keep Smiling. You’re almost to the top!

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An ode to Q1 2014

Dear Q1 2014,


Well you have been quite the ride.  I went into this year with high hopes for a new kind of training, I spent almost 3 months deep in the clutches of a tough FET cycle.  And now on the other side of that not working I am here trying to find myself and my direction.

The good news: I know how to do that.  I have this magical thing in my life called running.  Running centers me, it helps me work through the tough emotions and it gives me a place to be with my thoughts.

I left running behind during Q1 2014, I rested and I took time off.  That may or may not have been the best decision for my body, but it certainly left my heart and my brain missing an integral part of who I am.

I’m saying goodbye to that time off, goodbye to that step back.  I’m back to running, trying desperately to find the place where my love for the run and my confidence on the run match.  Its hard, but I love that.  I love that I find every step challenging and I especially love that when I finish a run I can look back at it with a huge smile and huge sense of accomplishment.

IMG 3110

So in hindsight Q1 2014 thank you for the tough love but I will be moving on from here.  One mile at a time.

Sincerely, Gia


Beaver Creek Colorado Ski School

Hello from beautiful Beaver Creek Colorado.

IMG 2884  Snapseed

We are spending spring break out here and I couldn’t be happier.  There is just something healing about mountain air and breathtaking views .. not to mention the sheer joy that the Gs have had while rip roaring down the mountain on their skis!

IMG 2896  Snapseed

I’ve yet to capture a picture while skiing … but you get the idea.  Mini G’s, bright helmets, huge smiles!

Beaver Creek is such a phenomenal spot for families.  Not only is the ski slope super kid friendly, but the village completely caters to families.  Check out the SpringFest schedule:

IMG 2917

The Gs have been in ski school from 9:30-3:15 for the past 2 days nows.  Its absolutely the longest time I have ever left them and I’ll be honest its a little nerve wracking.  I mean seriously that is a long day for a toddler!  What calms me is that this is hands down the most organized ski school I have ever seen.  From check in, to handling their gear to picking them up … Beaver Creek Ski School has this down to a science and the super organizer in me appreciates that very very much!

The Gs had zero separation anxiety and this morning (2nd day back) they basically sprinted into the ski school without looking back.  I guess they like it!  Check out their schedule, whats not to love!

IMG 2920

And when you pick them up the instructor comes and gives a full download on the day.

  • “G1 is working on her wedge, she is now making varying wedge sizes and skiing without the toe clip”
  • “G2 just wants to go fast.  I ask him to make a pizza and he laughs and says, I like French Fries better”
  • “G2 fell asleep while eating his lunch today … we just moved him onto a nap mat and let him rest a bit.  He seemed tired”

Ah girls and boys … so very different.  It should be interesting to see how much they learn over the next few weeks.  Side note, G2 falls asleep everywhere.  In the first weeks of preschool he fell asleep on the toilet .. NBD, thats just how he does :)

Oh BTW you can also log in online and see their report cards!

Image 1

As for me, I have yet to put on skis.  I have been running and snow shoeing.  Yesterday I went on a 5.5 mile snow shoe hike basically up the mountain with VC and it was simultaneously the most challenging thing I have done in a long time and the most relaxed I’ve been in a long time.  Fresh air certainly cures the soul.

IMG 2901