My First Trimester and Workouts

Coming as a surprise to no one … (but me) my workouts have changed in a big way during the first trimester.  I think there are 3 reasons for this:

  • Exhaustion … I mean wow. A 60 Min soul cycle class feels like a long run now 
  • Nausea/”morning” sickness … so with the Gs I was able to push past the nausea and work out. The fresh air helped and it was always a good thing.  Not so much with this little one.  I have had multiple runs or walks where I pulled over to be sick.  Something about the heart rate made me queasy and there was no pushing past it. 
  • Fear. I had 3 miscarriages last year alone.  I have been legit scared for the past 11 weeks and taking it really easy on myself.  I have zero regrets about this and would reccomend to anyone who is pregnant to follow what your gut tells you to do.  

Even though all of the above explanations make complete sense and I know that I should expect a slow down, my mind still doesn’t work that way.   Throughout this trimester I would make my fitness plan for the week, and inevitably over plan.  But I guess shoot for the stars?! 

IMG 7989

Baby Biceps are there … and I’m trying to keep them! 

So I thought it would be fun to do a little write up about fitness week by week.  Telling you what my plan was vs what actually happened.  

FYI I come up with my fitness plans for the week as a way of pre planning my “me” time … (see my guide for fitting in fitness here)  

Because I’m not training for any races I tend to make my fitness plan around classes that I sign up for - i.e. Soul Cycle, Bar Method, or Orange Theory … and I fill it in from there with what sounds fun.  So here we go … 

(4) My Fitness Plan vs. Actual Week of 2/23 – 3/1

  • Monday Plan: Run/Walk for 45 mins
  • Monday Actual: Rest Day.  Unplanned, completely lovely rest day.
  • Tuesday Plan: Soul Cycle – 45 Mins
  • Tuesday Actual: Soul Cycle with Daniel – 45 mins
  • Wednesday Plan: Bar Method – 60 Mins
  • Wednesday Actual: Run/Walk 90 mins … I went to Bar Method with the full intention of taking a class only to find out that I needed a doctors note because I finally told then I was preggo.  You guys, I literally got kicked out of class.  It was so embarrassing.  So I took the Gs to school and headed to my favorite path in NJ to blow off a little steam.
IMG 8384
  • Thursday Plan: Bar Method – 60 Mins
  • Thursday Actual: Bar Method (with a doctors note) 
  • Friday Plan: Rest Day after CVS Test
  • Friday Actual: Rest Day.  I was pretty sore from the CVS and I didnt really want to get out of bed at all.  Thankfully VC stayed home and helped with the kids.
IMG 8366
This is what staying in bed looks like in my world! 
  • Saturday Plan: Long walk or Reformer
  • Saturday Actual: BOTH!!  When I finally emerged from the bedroom saturday morning I was FULL of energy.  I wanted to take it easy on my walk (I always say I’m going to walk and end up running) so I took Skye with me and we headed out for a nice long/hilly walk.  When I got back my mom had the kids under control so I headed down to the gym for a little reformer love.  
IMG 8404
  • Sunday Plan: Soul Cycle – 60 Mins
  • Sunday Actual: Soul Cycle 60 Mins with Ellianna.  This was a struggle, but I felt great when I was finished.  

Total Miles Run: 3

I would call the week a win.  I am absolutely feeling more energy this week than the previous weeks.  I also had a bit of mental anxiety lifted when we had a clear CVS and a beautiful UltraSound showing a healthy and active baby.  On to the next week.  My goals for next week are to incorporate a tad more running and see how it feels. 

How about you?  What goals did you accomplish this week?  Fit Mamas … did your first trimester workouts look drastically different from the rest of the pregnancy? 

Pregnancy Annoucement

A BIG announcement! The Gs are being promoted ….

To Big Brother and Big Sister! Squeeeeeeeee!

Big reveal 4

Number 3 is on the way!  I’m 11 weeks pregnant! 

I have been DYING you guys … dying to tell you what’s going on and how incredibly happy I am.  This is our miracle baby, conceived unexpectedly and naturally.  I was told by my doctors that this was an impossibility and I was at my fertility specialist ready to start another round of Frozen Embryo Transfer when I found out that I was pregnant.  

Given my history with miscarriages (more on that one later) I’ve been edgy and conservative for the past 11 weeks … but after a CVS and a lot of positive feedback from my new doctor I’m finally confident in this beautiful miracle!  This. Is. Happening!!!!!

IMG 8391

And now I get to write pregnancy updated!  Welcome to Week 11:

How I’m Feeling This Week:

OK lets be real, as miraculous and amazing as it is that #3 is on the way, I am also in my first trimester of pregnancy which is no walk in the park.

In general … I feel like a tiny alien has taken over every part of my body.  Wait Wait.  That’s true.  I am doing WAY better this week than the past 5 weeks.  My ”morning sickness” seems to now be concentrated to after 4pm as opposed to 24/7!  So that is a huge improvement.  

Exhaustion has taken over my life.  I cannot express how tired I am this pregnancy.  This week I fell asleep at lunch, face down on my kitchen table.  

Crohn’s.  Oh man, I learned this one in my first pregnancy … my Crohn’s flares up when I’m pregnant.  With The Gs it was the whole time.  Maybe with this one it will be different.  However I am living a constant mild-moderate flare and dealing with it as best I can.  

How I’m Changing this week:

My belly is absolutely starting to poke out.  I’m noticing my belly button flatten out as well, which is always funny to me.  I wonder if its going to pop out with this pregnancy?  It didn’t with The Gs.  However … winning the body metamorphosis race is my upper half and I’m not a fan.  I need to go bra shopping – am i the only one who dreads this?

What I’m eating (and not eating) this week:

One word. Ravenous – A first for this pregnancy.  The first few weeks I was nauseous basically all the time and choked down a very well rounded diet of All. The. Carbs. 

IMG 7962

pasta with a side of rice.  Yes Please 

But now i’m starving. I wake up hungry and it doesn’t quit until the 4pm witching hour.

I am mainly craving salty things and fats.  Avocados are my # 1 love right now, I eat at least a half an avocado a day.  I also have a new found love for turkey jerky.  Turkey Jerkey was never on my radar before and man I was missing out!  Its amazing.  

Other than the jerky, I’m having trouble with meat unless it is well hidden or extremely plain.  The smell of cooking meat makes me run in the other direction … and don’t get me started on the butcher section of the supermarket!  

How does fitness feel this week:

Exercise feels good again this week.  Woot Woot!!!

I absolutely have slowed down over the past weeks.  I’m not running very much and spending most of my cardio with spinning or power walking … and I kinda love it!  Its been pretty icy and it makes me nervous to run, but I still love fresh air and walking is a great form of cardio for me right now. 

IMG 8403

Coming up this week … I delve into my fitness life and share what the Gs said when we told them about the pregnancy! 



Friday Favorites and Outtakes from Life – Episode 1

Happy Friday everyone!  Whoa this week flew by.  I try to schedule doctor appointment, dentist appointments and other various appointment for us all in the same week, in efforts to get it out of the way.  This was one of those weeks … and man was it hectic!  But everyone is healthy and has shiny teeth #winning

IMG 8300

Asics Gel Fit Sana 

I’ve been using these for cross training days and fitness classes (like Orange Theory). They are so comfortable!! Made of a complete mesh upper and a sock like design so they slip on and hug your feet, almost as if you weren’t wearing shoes at all.  

Screen Shot 2015 02 26 at 8 48 24 PM

From my Instagram

The benefits of B Vitamins … from Life by Daily Burn

I’ve been taking a B complex for the majority of my adult life … admittedly because my mom told me to!!  However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear of all the fab benefits.  Do you take a B complex? 

Children’s Stories on Spotify

We are still driving into the city every day for the Gs school … which means we have about 1 hour total in the car daily.  These stories have saved my life … they are 10-15 mins long and The Gs will listen to them quietly.  I think these would also be great in a jogging stroller! 


As you can see we also lunch in the car, while listening to stories.  Teach em to multitask early! 

ChalkBoard Paint

We painted half of one wall in the playroom with Chalkboard Paint … and it was an INCREDIBLE plan.  The Gs spend hours down there drawing and coloring … I kinda think it looks like they are storyboarding! 

IMG 8301

Its a G Meeting

3 Funny Things The Gs Said This Week:

  • G1 when asked what she wanted to give up for Lent quickly replies “Snow” 
  • G2: “mama when is the park behind our house going to be open again?” He means the backyard …. #CityKidsInSuburbia
  • This week , they’re really into playing house … by which I mean G1 is really into playing house and G2 gets dragged into it.  He will only play with her if he is the Papa and can be “the boss of all rules”  His favorite rule is “go to your room and play quietly for 10 mins” … and then he goes and plays with his legos while she waits in her room.  I have no idea where he got that “Rule” from :/

And thats a wrap on the last week in February.  Please tell me that the east coast is going to wake up on March 1st to Spring?!  Anyone else use chalkboard paint in their home?  How is the wear and tear?