My new favorite training buddy #ItrainFor

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you know I have been working with Mountain Athletics from The North Face to share the details of their new app and clothing lines.  (Post 1, Post 2)

I wanted to check in with you guys and let you know how much I am loving training with the Mountain Athletics App.  

mountain athletics badge

Being almost 7 months pregnant, Im feeling the effects of summer on my running.  Its hot outside and I’m feeling more and more tightness across my abdomen when I run.  So my cardio has been a mix of light jogging and power walking.  

Except for this one little race … which I placed 2nd in the stroller division.  Maybe my purple North Face shorts were the lucky charm?! Or maybe it was the strength I’ve built up by using the app?!  Who knows but I’ll take it.  

Tenafly 5K Stroller Division

I have been trying to keep up with strength … because I know that as long as I keep my strength and fitness level up I will (hopefully) have an easy bounce back post birth.  

The issue there is coming up with the strength routines.  Thankfully, The Mountain Athletics App has been an easy go to for a great mix of cardio – plyometrics and short distance running – and strength – think AMRAP-style workouts- and rest.  The best part being the form cue videos which guide you through an exercise If you aren’t sure how to do a move.  

led form mountain athletics

(App is free for IOS users and for Droid users the videos can be found on You Tube) Download the Mountain Athletics App

The programs on the app are 6 weeks long, but you can skip workouts if need be.  For instance:

IMG 9875

As much fun as this workout sounds, I can’t do 2 of the 4 exercises during pregnancy so unfortunately I skipped it and moved onto something I can complete.  

I really believe in the accessibility that The North Face is giving fitness.  Being a busy mom, I need things that I can do and start on my own time and that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  With this app you can work out at any time and The North Face has some really great events every two weeks, which are totally free.  I give The North Face 2 thumbs up for supporting the goals of all different types of athletes.    



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Race Recap: The Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon 6 months preggo!

You guys!! I had so so much fun running the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon.  Destination Races knows how to execute a perfect race … 

Pregnant Runner

In short, this was the perfect race to run with a friend.  I would love to travel to all of the races Destination puts on and make them girls trips!  Obviously next time I would like to be able to taste some of the yum wine they were serving at the after race party … but all in all great location, perfectly executed and the best post race party I have ever seen.  #winning Destination Races 

The longer version is this … 

Addie and I arrived to the race basically as it was starting.  Not for any other reason but that there were 4 kids all together in her house and the morning was straight chaos.  (thank you to our lovely husbands for taking over that mayhem!)  BUT we made our way to the starting line and got going as soon as we could.  This did mean that there were virtually no crowds around us for the entire race but I don’t think it would have been too crowded anyway.  They cap the race at 3000 runners.  

start of virginia wine country half marathon

The course was drop dead gorgeous.  We wound our way through vineyard lined roads, covered with green weeping trees for shade.  It was rolling hills, but nothing that stood out as “whoa thats a monster hill” 

IMG 9640

Addie was a great sport and wogged alongside of me.  I’m slooooow right now and also take a lot of walk breaks so thank goodness I had a friend to talk to along the way.  I love running for so many reasons but my top reason has to be the social part of it.  Spending a few hours catching up with a good friend on the course is my idea of a perfect saturday morning!  

Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon

The course was lined with water stops, medical tents and crowds from the nearby farms.  There was even a halfway stop with little shot glasses of wine!  Addie and I enjoyed the crowd support as well as the friendly runners!  Even Mr Incredible was out on his bike blasting some awesome 80’s jams and cheering for us!

mr incredible

We finished with smiles on our faces.  

I was pretty worried going into this race, I wasn’t sure how 6 month preggo would do in the humidity and for 13.1 miles.  But I am happy to say that Baby A and I did great!  Yes we went along at a snail’s pace and took walk breaks – but I didn’t start to get uncomfortable until mile 12.  When I did, I just slowed down, took some water and pushed through.  Soon we were done and once I sat down for a minute the discomfort went away.   Baby A was a trooper, he kicked at the beginning and then settled down.  I’m not sure if they were kicks of protest or happiness – but I’m going with happiness :) 

virginia wine country half marathon

After the race we were given the coolest medals -complete with a wine stopper and corkscrew – and wine glasses and were sent through the vines of grapes to the wine tasting/post race party.  

Destination Races medal

There was a band playing, a bunch of vineyards doing tastings and runners laying on the grass enjoying the beautiful views and sunshine.  

VA wine country half post race party


Perfection … except that I had ice tea.  Whomp Whomp.  Next Time!

purity ice tea

Destination Races is absolutely on my radar for an upcoming girls weekend … post baby!  Who wants to take a trip?! They have quite a few locations.  I have my eye on Oregon and of course Virginia again next year – when I can run like a normal person and partake in wine!!

destination races locations

Thank you to the wonderful people at Destination Races for sponsoring mine and Addie’s race entry.  I will absolutely be back next year!

mountain athletics app

Training for Life with Mountain Athletics

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face. All opinions are 100% mine.

Life is crazy right now … Twins, Pregnancy, Coaching, Family, summer camps and plans, etc.  Its all keeping me happily on my toes.  

I am clearly super naive because I underestimated exactly how exhausting it is to grow a human and chase 2 four year old around.  I imagine that taking care of an infant while trying to keep up with said four year old will be equally crazy.  That is why when The North Face asked me what  #ITrainFor… my answer is LIFE.  

I’m really trying to keep my fitness alive during this pregnancy and honestly I am proud of myself for what I’ve been able to do. Running and walking have been my primary forms of fitness mostly because I can do it with my crew … 

preggo runner with stroller

However as I get closer to my due date I have been really trying to incorporate more strength into my routine.  

Enter the Mountain Athletics from The North Face App (get it here: Download the Mountain Athletics App its free for IOS) It is a 6-week activity specific strength and conditioning program that’s designed to help with sports like running, skiing, climbing and mountaineering.  My opinion is that it can help you train for really anything you can come up with.  The programs are extensive and a complete, total body workout that will help you build strength while promoting proper form, technique and pace. 

mountain athletics app

Key Features:

  • Step by Step instructional videos that promote proper technique
  • Calendar based to help you stay on track
  • Integrated session timer that helps make efficient use of time
  • Badges you can earn during training to keep you motivated
  • The ability to share progress and workouts on real time social channels.

The App gives you a choice to train for Running, General Fitness, Alpine Climb, Climbing, Backcountry or All Mountain Skiing.  

mountain athletics app 2

I choose General Fitness … which is what I felt was the closest to LIFE  :) Here are some samples of the workouts 

Mountain Athletics

I kind of LOVE the workouts.  I find them to be challenging but not super time consuming or intimidating.  My biggest challenge with strength training is always that I’d rather spend my time running.  With this app I feel like I can do a quick strength session without having to compromise too much of my running time.  And WHOA is it effective.  I absolutely feel stronger.  Bring it on LIFE.  


The only critique that I have of the app is that it doesn’t give modifications.  Obviously I am not able to do everything that it calls for … but I have some knowledge of what I should and shouldn’t be doing during pregnancy.  If you are pregnant or have any kind of injury, I suggest using this app only with some previous knowledge of what modifications should be for you.  

So check it out! 

And if you are in the NYC area come to a group Mountain Athletics workout!  The North Face is holding FREE twice-weekly Mountain Athletic workouts in five cities across the country.

Mountain Athletics group workouts

Each session will be led by two The North Face trainers who will take you through workouts aimed to prepare you to achieve your outdoor goal. Details here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-north-face-mountain-athletics-training-new-york-tuesday-tickets-16041725232 Let me know if you’re going, I am dying to try one.  

And don’t forget that you can win a $500 gift card to The North Face here: The North Face Mountain Athletics Collection Give-Away!

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