Gia and Cherry Blossoms

Long Run Saturday – training for More Fitness Half Marathon

Ah Long Run Saturday.  I love you so … I think its the hard programmed runner in me, but every Saturday I wake up with full intention to do a long run.  The definition of a long run varies.  6 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles – it depends on what is on my schedule.  

Right now I’m training for a few halves.  The More Fitness Half Marathon in Central Park and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Anaheim Disneyland.  Training has been sporadic at best … and I accept that.  That is what training is when you’re pregnant.  You roll with the ups and downs and listen to your body.  Its not easy and it doesn’t make me the most confident runner going into races, but it is what it is … right?! 

Today was a good day.    

10 Miles long run

Today I am confident.


10 Spring miles in Washington DC.  Along Rock Creek Park.


  Into the Tidal Basin.


Enjoying the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom 

Cherry Blossoms DC

Exploring Arlington Memorial all with my BRF – RB


Today I feel ready for the More Fitness Half Marathon next weekend.  Wish me Luck! 


Easter through the years …

I love Easter and all that it represents.  New life, family all around me and kids filled with pure joy.  

033112 alvarez 027

Our Easter traditions include a morning Egg Hunt and opening Easter baskets from E.Bunny, church after that and finally lunch with the family.  And OF course way too much candy … 

I had fun yesterday going through photos of Easters past and thought I would share! It also made me giggle that we seem to be in a different state every year! 

The G’s First Easter – 6 months old (California)

IMG 5165

Twin-sanity, before the were both sitting on their own!

mom and twins easter.

The G’s 2nd Easter – 18 Months Old (New Jersey)

18 month old easter

18 month old easter boy

This is about where her fascination to run with me began #proudmama 

running with mom

The G’s 3rd Easter – 2 and a half years old (New York)

twins easter 3

Rice Krispy Easter Eggs! 

rice krispy easter eggs

The G’s 4th Easter – 3 and a half years old (Boston MA) 

twins on easter.

mom and twins on easter.

These crack me up, they are exact depictions of how the 2 differ in church

g1 in church

g2 in church

and now we are off to make new memories …. and next year we will have a new little bunny to chase after :) 

 Happy Easter & Passover to you all! 


Spring Running – Tips for a seamless seasonal change

I am going to go ahead and declare that spring is here.  Power of positive thinking right?!

Every year when I transition from winter running to spring running, I feel like I want to share the small tweaks that make it a success … this year I am actually doing it! 

Spring Running

1. Socks.  You know those super heavy winter socks that you have been wearing … get rid of them.  There is nothing worse than hot feet on a run.  Find your lighter weight socks and do a happy dance while you put them on

IMG 8230

2. Shoes.

  • Once you have those lighter socks on, make sure your shoes fit!  They will be looser, but also keep in mind that the warmer weather brings swelling feet.  You may just have to tighten up the laces a bit.
  • Spring is also a great time to break out the lighter running shoes.  I am NOT saying to take your zero drop sneaks out for a 10 miler, but start rotating in some lighter weight running shoes to your shorter runs and see how it feels.  
New Balance Fresh Foam
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante are my fav lighter weight shoe! 

3. Layer.  The weather is confusing in the spring, it feels cold when you step outside but once you start running its warm.  I always wear a tank with a long sleeve layered over it.  That way I can take the long sleeve off and tie it around my waist when I’m hot.  

4. Don’t forget the tissue.  Spring brings runny noses, its a fact and its annoying while your running. Do yourself a favor and carry along a kleenex. 

5. Break away from the treadmill.  You spent months on that thing in the winter, now is the time to go outside. Find a running route close to you and rock it.  

6. Don’t be afraid of the rain.  If you have never run in the rain you are missing out.  Its delightful and makes you feel pretty bad ass :) Something to remember, wear a hat or sunglasses … getting pelted in the eyes with rain drops will take the fun right out of it! 

And for the MOST important …

7. Pace Yourself!  When spring hits and the sun is on my face I feel like i could run forever, but the truth is that I generally need to build myself back up from a winter lull.  

The worst thing you can do is dive right into running 6 days a week when you ran only 2 in the winter.  Ease into it, build yourself back up.  A general rule of thumb is to increase your weekly mileage by 10% every week.  

Now go out there and soak up some sunny miles!!