Family Pic :)  I heart sledding with the G's

I have a confession …

I am not 100% all of the time.

I mean on any given day we all have a ton of things going on … We all juggle the different pieces of our lives.  I know that I am not alone in feeling like there is pressure to manage all aspects of life perfectly at all times.  Honestly, I will tell you that I do not do that.  I go through phases when I’m overwhelmed and I just need to set some balls aside and focus on the core few – family & fitness.

January is usually one of those months.  It happens every year … I get reved up making resolutions and new plans and then I hit a phase where I need to slow my roll a bit.  For the last few weeks my family has been hit hard with stomach flus, ear infections, sinus infections.  You name we have had it – cycling between the 4 family members.  I took nature’s sweet little message and I focused in on my family’s and my own well being so that we could all get back to healthy living.

Does that mean that I have let a few 2012 resolution slip?  You betcha.  Does that mean that all is lost and I will be writing off my resolutions.  Not a chance.

See, we are all human folks, we cannot expect that we will be able to manage everything in life to 100% all of that time.  The trick is to have the confidence to say “yeah I let things slip a bit, but I am not going to get frustrated.  This was not a failure”

I have loved the past few weeks of quality family time, I always love family time, but its special when we shut out the rest of the world and spend time with just the 4 of us.  I needed these few weeks.  And now I’m ready to put my clown shoes on and pick back up with juggling!

Here are a few highlights from January family dayz.

loungin with papa

snow day!

for real mom, I hate this hat

I cant feel my face!

goofy grin


Anyhow, I hope that you can all take away from this post that its OK to loose focus and momentum, just have the confidence to know that you will get back on track sooner than later.

My week is fitness filled, I have the following commitments:

  • Monday – Figure 4 (complete! Super hard and leg shakey!)
  • Tuesday – 4 miles speed drills + Stacy bootcamp workout (complete! again, leg shakey)
  • Wednesday – Figure 4 and 4 easy miles +Lululemon Run Club
  • Thursday – 5 easy miles
  • Friday – REST
  • Saturday – 3 easy miles, maybe some yoga
  • Sunday – ING Miami Half Marathon!

I have been keeping up with running, even through the snow storm!! So I feel very ready for the Miami Half. Game plan and tracking details to come tomorrow!

What are your fitness commitments this week?  Do you live in NYC and want to come to the Lulu run club?

Details are: Lululemon on Madison Ave and 85th Street @ 6:30pm.  We will be focusing on hill running and proper form!  All levels are welcome and encouraged! 

Snow running!

Family Pic 🙂 I heart sledding with the G's

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