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A while ago (an embarrassingly long while ago – sorry about that!) Kristen tagged me to do some Old School Blogging … I thought it would be pretty fun, especially because there may be a few new readers here from a little Self.com article (check it out if you missed it!)

If you are new Welcome!  I hope you find some great tips, stories and honest pieces of life.  (If you are interested and have extra time on your hands … check out more about me, my race journey and race achievements and upcoming races I’ll be at, and would love to say HI at!

A. Attached or Single?

Attached to VC. The man of my dreams

Screen shot 2012 01 02 at 3 21 28 PM

B. Best Friend?

My mom.  She recently moved from CA to NYC and it makes me so very happy to be able to see her every day.

IMG 8676

C. Cake or Pie?

Cake for sure, but only for the frosting. Not the fancy buttercream frosting, the intense sugar filled frosting. Drool.

D. Day of Choice?

Thursday. The chaos of the week is starting to fade away and the fun plans of the weekend are on the horizon.

E. Essential Item?

Lemons. I really like to have a fresh squeezed lemon in water before bed and when I wake up in the am. But I also use them for salad dressing, cleaning, air freshening and washing/scrubbing my hands and nails.

F. Favorite Color?

Pink. As G1 would say “pink and purple but I really just like pink”

IMG 1113

G. Gummy Bears or Worms?

Bears. But only of the cinnamon variety.

H. Home Town?

Thousand Oaks, CA. Go Lancers!

I. Favorite Indulgence?

Gosh this is embarrassing but lately it’s been a piece of bread. I’ve been steering clear of gluten in hopes of magically ridding myself of Crohn’s Disease (not working) but some days I just need a cold piece of soft bread with butter. So comforting.

J. January or July?

July for sure. Summer Loving … July = beach, sand running, tan toes and grilled food!

K. Kids?

2. G1 and G2, the twins. They are 2 and a half, wildly imaginative, shockingly hilarious and light up my life.

IMG 9261

L. Life Isn’t Complete Without? See above 🙂 + sweaty run = bliss


M. Marriage Date?

That’s complicated. July 31, via pundit in our Indian wedding.


August 1 in a traditional marriage ceremony




N. Number of Brothers/Sisters? 2 brothers. 23 & 12.

O. Oranges or Apples?

Apples. They are a must in my day. I travel with apples, Seek them out in hotel gyms, hoard them from farmers markets and never leave a grocery store without one. Favorite food, hands down.

P. Phobias?

Not knowing where the closest bathroom is. Yup, embarrassing but 100% true. The funny thing is that I’ve always had this fear b/c of Crohn’s but now with newly potty trained toddlers it’s amplified. Someone says I gotta go and I move like I’m doing speed work.

Q. Quotes?

R. Reasons to Smile?

The G’s curls, the sound of my husband coming home, the fact that my dad always tells me how happy he is to hear my voice when I call, giggles filling the house, running in the rain, snow falling in NYC, I could go on and on.

IMG 8423

S. Season of Choice?

Fall. Before I lived on the east coast I would have had trouble answering this question, in CA the change of seasons is a bit lackluster. But now, living on the east coast, I am enamored by the seasons and Fall is breathtaking.

T. Tag 5 People:

theodora, ashley, debi, meggie, jocelyn

U. Unknown Fact About Me?

I am half Indian, (see wedding date #1 above).  My dad was born/raised there and most of his family is still there.  I love having this ethnic side of life, and sharing it with my family makes life just a little more interesting 🙂

IMG 0002

V. Vegetable?

Any. Except Frisée lettuce – really don’t like Frisée

W. Worst Habit?

Being impatient. In my perfect world all things would happen instantly as I think of them and there would be no need for patience or logistics … Working on it.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?

Ultrasound.  Especially the ones that reveal not one but 2 babies.

IMG 0083

Y. Your favorite food?


Z. Zodiac Sign?



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  1. Thanks for playing along….love it!!! And I totally agree about the fall…anyone who hasn’t experienced a fall in the northeast is missing out. And nothing beats running in fall weather too!!

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