#RunCoach: Running UpHill

Running Up Hills

Run Coach Question of the Week:

What is the right way to run uphill? 

(1) Engage your lower abs: Activating your lower abs will ensure that you aren’t pushing your backside out and creating an arch in your back.  You want to tuck your hips and take any curve out of your lower back.

(2) Think arms: Zip your arms in close to your body and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.  Think about pushing backwards with the elbows so that you get a full arm swing, rather than just swinging your arms at the front of your body.

(3) Shorten your stride & activate from your toes: push off your toes as you drive uphill, that will give you more power.  Take smaller, quicker steps rather than trying to bound up the hill.

(4) Lean into the hill:  A proper lean is not hinging at the waist, but rather from the ankles.  You want to angle your body into the hill, so as not to fight gravity.

(5) Keep Smiling. You’re almost to the top!

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