Every Day is MamaLete Day

Wow Guys!

MamaLete Day was so inspiring! I loved seeing all of your smiling, sweaty faces with your littles and your bumps.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 1.39.25 PM

This community of women is extraordinary.

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The truth is though, every day is Mamalete Day.  Mamaletes begin each day inspiring someone.  Its a job that has no start or end time, a title that lives with you forever and a commitment that is life long.  That is why this community is so important, we need to motivate each other to keep it up.  We need to brag to one another when we have a big win, and we need to show off the smiling faces of the ones that we inspire.

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So keep your posting, hashtag your photos and find friends.  The MamaLete Community welcomes everyone with open arms.  

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3 thoughts on “Every Day is MamaLete Day

  1. I am not a Mama(lete) (yet), but I love this. This is inspiring and awesome. If/When I have kids, this is my ideal way of finding balance between family and health! Kudos to all the Mamaletes out there, they are inspiring…even if they don’t realize it!
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