Mamalete Day 2014

I have a Dream 

My dream is to make Mamalete a movement.  A community of strong women who come together as Mamaletes.  Let’s start this movement by dedicating the day before Mother’s Day to all Mamaletes.

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What Makes a Mamalete? 


Mamalete is a woman who adores her sport. She knows that being active is part of her core, and she is a better person with a little sweat in her day.


A Mamalete knows how much her kids admire her for her dedication. She motivates their love for being active through the goals that she sets and achieves.


A Mamalete shares her love of fitness.  Both with her children but also to inspire them, and she is proud.

Proud to sweat. Proud to motivate. Proud to love.

On May 10th share a photo or video of a mamalete. Rocking your favorite workout, sharing fitness with your children or your favorite or your favorite mamalete moment.

Hashtag your photo or video #mamalete to spread the movement!

Follow the Mamalete Instagram to see all of your beautiful Mamalete faces!

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4 thoughts on “Mamalete Day 2014

  1. this is awesome! just wanted to say you are such an inspiration. i started reading your blog when we lived in paris, and now two kiddos later we are back in nyc. next time i see you running in central park i’ll say hi 🙂

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