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Meet MamaLete Ambassador: Katy Widrick

Katy Widrick, mother to to adorable Audrey, is a MamaLete.

What makes her a MamaLete?

“I invite Audrey to practice yoga with me. I hold her in my arms as added weight when I do cardio. I let her climb on my back and giggle as I do push-ups. I take her on runs and to the splash pad and even to the studio as I practice new choreography with other fitness instructors.” – Katy

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photo Via Katy

Katy shares her pride of being a Mamalete in this amazing post .

My favorite part … “I’m proud because my daughter Audrey is now old enough to mimic and learn and she’ll grow up seeing a mom who moves and sweats and honors her body.”

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photo via Katy

Absolute truth Katy … Audrey is a lucky girl to have you as her inspiration 🙂

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