Meet MamaLete Ambassador: Stuft Mama

Kristin is a Stuft Mama, and an amazing Mamalete.

She is mama to twin Stuft Boys (who are very close in age to the Gs!) … Her boys are her main motivation to be active and healthy and this super fast mama loves that they get excited to watch her race and want to run races someday too!  Read all about her MamaLete World here.

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I asked Kristin a few questions about her life as a Mamalete, and I just love her spirit and her answers!

1. What is your favorite way to sweat?


2. What is your favorite activity to do with your children?

We love running family races or making our own boot camp style circuits in the back yard. They love being my timers and my counters and doing the moves right along with me. Sometimes I even get peer pressured by them to go outside and do a little workout.

3. What is your child/children’s reaction to your fitness? Do they love to be involved?

They love being involved and they especially love running their own kid races so they can get a medal like mommy. It’s so fun to see them get so excited. They also like to do their own home workouts with me. Luckily I have really light weights they can use. Ha ha.

4. What important lesson do you think your dedication to being an athlete gives to your children?

I think it’s important to be a good example and show them that taking care of yourself and begin healthy is a priority.

5. Dream world … Down the line, let’s say your child is an Olympic athlete. What sport do they play?

Oh goodness, I have no clue. Hopefully one that isn’t too expensive. Kidding.

LOL.  Love it!

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