Mamalete Monday: Meet the Original Mamalete

Hi! It’s Carrie- happy Monday! Earlier this year, Gia introduced the term ‘mamalete’ and even recognized a few gals out there who embody the meaning of mamalete. Well, I think its time we meet these leading ladies. So, without further adieu..

Gia Alvarez– a mother of twins, wife, coach, a philanthropist, and a marathon runner. Gia’s goal is to help parents find balance in their busy lives through family fitness.


How did you kickstart your morning- did you eat breakfast? 

Lately I’m obsessed with papaya. Maybe I’m trying to hang onto summer?!  But usually I have a bowl of sliced almonds, fresh blueberries, ground flax seed topped with coconut milk

How do you get in the zone? When you switch over from mother to runner, something intense happens. Tell me about that moment! 

It’s all about the rhythm for me. It’s rare in my life that I can hear myself breathe, there is just so much toddler commotion all the time.  But when I’m running and I can feel the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement in conjunction with my breath and it’s a beautiful thing. I switch my mind to thinking solely about the repetition of my stride and slowly my mama mind quiets and my inner runner comes out.

What does the term ‘mamalete’ mean to you?

A mamalete is a mother. And athlete. She inspires her family through the healthy lifestyle goals she creates and achieves.


Mom/runner/coach/blogger. You seem to be the busiest bee ever. What do you do in your spare time? 

Sleep?! I’m only kinda kidding … But lately with all of the different directions life has taken me this year I am resting as much as I can. Even with the kids, it’s so easy to always be on the go … But lately I’m trying to find us all a few quiet moments in the day to relax and recharge.

Do you follow a strict diet? How do you incorporate a healthy lifestyle and food into parenting? 

I do follow a strict diet. With my Crohn’s I really have to … I am for the most part gluten free and a pesceatarian. My Achilles heel are sweets. I have to have something sweet after a meal and I rarely deny myself that. It’s all about balance. For my family I try to teach the kids why foods are healthy for them and hope that they will take those lessons and make good decisions when I’m not around.  We spend time in gardens and grocery stores talking about the different foods and what makes them good or bad for our bodies. My father and grandmother did this for me and as an adult I remember all of it. I firmly believe that healthy habits start young.

image copy

Do the G’s play sports? If so, who chooses? 

They do! They play soccer together. G1 does ballet and G2 plays basketball. They both run and play “race day” with me on a regular basis and they golf with VC. I feel like it’s early to pinpoint what they love but it makes me smile that they love being active!

image copy 2

What race are you most looking forward to for the remaining 2014 and 2015 season? 

Boston (fingers crossed I get in – I think we find out this week!!) Last year was basically torture to hang out on the sidelines. I want into that race course so badly 🙂

image copy 3

Signature finisher’s pose?!

Arms up, spirit fingers and a big huge smile!


Thanks Gia! Stay tuned for next week’s edition!

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  1. This is awesome! These women deserve this awesome title and I love seeing their children take after their healthy lifestyles. I didn’t have this encouragement for a healthy lifestyle, which is not to say I didn’t play sports or have supportive parents. Healthy food and living was just not a factor in their parenting. It is something I strive for when I have a family and it’s nice to have role models out there who can inspire me! xoxo, ganeeban
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