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Mamalete Monday: Tina of Carrots n Cake

Happy Monday! Carrie here to introduce you to this week’s mamalete. Meet Tina of Carrots n Cake!


A fellow Massachusetts native, runner, dog owner, AND cake lover,  Tina shares in her blog her love of food, staying fit, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

 What is your sweet tooth craving?! 

OMG. Always CAKE. If I know I’m going to an event where there’s cake, I have to have a piece. The more frosting the better. The cake is a vehicle for the frosting. Obviously I like carrot cake- gotta have my serving of healthy too, but really i don’t discriminate between cake flavors. Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, I like it all!

Running, yoga, cross fit, and barre. You do it all. Tell me- it’s your ideal day. Quinn, Mal, and Murphy are having a a boys day- what does your day look like? 

I’m running the Boston Marathon this year. YES! So my ideal day absolutely includes a long run. Not doing a long run with a stroller sounds like a luxury. After, a BIG brunch- can the boys come to that?! 

You mention in your blog having UC. How do you incorporate that into a healthy lifestyle aka maintaining a fitness regime ?

I am still trying to figure this whole colitis thing out. What I’ve learned is that its so important for me to listen to my body, try new solutions, and do what I can to make myself feel better. Unfortunately for me, diets or eliminating certain foods don’t work for me- when I have a flare up, everything makes me feel sick. But when I’m healthy I eat pretty much everything! 

In your blog you talk about everything in moderation. Is this a philosophy you extend beyond food? 

Absolutely. This especially happens now in my training and being a mom. If I go all out at crossfit and my body is tired the next day, I take the day off. I’ve learned to really listen to my body. But I DEFINITELY still have workouts where I go all out. That’s what makes it fun right?!


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How do you balance exercise with being a mom. What are your 3 how to tips for moms trying to incorporate fitness into their already packed regimen?  

1. We exercise together. I am  a big fan of our jogging stroller. Often, I’ll incorporate going his nap into us going for a walk or run in the jogging stroller. He loves it!

2. Short HIIT workouts at home are my best friend. I get the biggest bang for my buck. Short and sweet (well painful). Plus, I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home. 

3. I emphasize staying healthy and active as a family. And so does Mal! As a family, we grab the dog and the baby stroller and go for a light job or walk. Anything to get fresh air. For sure, once he’s bigger we’ll take hikes and bigger adventures together. I imagine my children competing in 1 mile road races. We love being active. 

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  1. Great post featuring Mamaletes! I’d like to know more about short HIIT workouts! I don’t run with a stroller because my daughter is 13 years old now. My focus now is I running with my daughter. The time we have running together builds a strong relationship and it keeps communication going between us! Running with my teenage daughter helps encourage her to stay healthy and active.
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