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Mamalete Monday: Cecilia of MommiesRun

Happy Mamalete Monday all! Meet Cecilia of MommiesRun


1. In one of your latest posts, you blogged about running the Tennessee Ragner Race. What was your favorite part of the race. Will you ever be down for doing another relay?

It was an experience. It was so much fun. I was in a van with two of my best friends, one of their husbands, and then 2 other women in our run group who i had never met. It was instant bond. Such a beautiful experience. I was the first runner, and our van got lost, but I had no idea. They finally caught up to me at mile 6 (my leg was 8 miles), but it was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again. The second leg was up a mountain- and it sucks- just watching my friend watch up this mountain I just thought, “Wow, you are amazing”. 


2. What’s your ideal run? Are the twins or any of your dogs with you?!

My girls just started getting interested in it. We went the other weekend for a one mile run and they loved it. Honestly, I love my running partners. I love getting out there with them. They are both moms so we can talk about being moms, our weeks, and kids. Getting out there with them, not worrying about them or pace, is absolutely ideal for me. 


3. In one of your recent posts, you mention the juggling act. What advice do you have to other mom “jugglers”?

Admit to yourself you can’t do it all. Especially these days, there’s so much pressure to be a super mom. And sometimes you can’t fit it all in and something has to give. So don’t put the pressure on yourself! I am so lucky to have a supportive husband- he stayed home with our girls until kindergarden. My parents and in-laws are helpful too. Its just a matter of prioritizing whats most important in your day. And sometimes we have to make tough decisions. 

4. Music when you run? Favorite running 3 jams?!

So, I am kind of at this weird point- when I run alone, I normally would. But I have gotten so used to long to my long runs with friends where I don’t listen to music.  I didn’t have it for Ragnar. Yesterday I went for a long run and honestly had to turn my music off. It was a distracting me! It used to be a time for me to plug-in and disconnect. But now, I’m realizing its nice to listen to everything around you. 


5. How has maintaining a healthy lifestyle impacted you as a mom? 

Yes. It has made me more aware of things I need to provide for my own family. We need to get better about eating. It helps me instill in the girls that exercising is important for our well being. When I am running on our treadmill and they come in and see me they often start to exercise too. Like last night, when I came home from work, they were doing yoga on their iPad. They’re seriously better at yoga than me! Gotta love technology these days. 

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Ps. i Have to know- what kind of dogs do you have?

1. Golden Retriever- she’s the baby. She’s basically like our kid.

2. Jack Russel Terrier- 13

3. Border Collie-10

I just love following Cecilia on instagram and watching her Hero’s run streak … she amazes me with the ability to balance life and squeeze in the run.  After interviewing her, I love her even more … that motivation to run day after day has obviously influenced her girls to model her healthy lifestyle, and that what its all about right?! Motivate, influence and have fun while doing it!  Great work #Mamalete 🙂 

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