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Mamalete Monday: featuring Erica Sara

Happy Mamalete Monday and a special congrats to all the #mamaletes who completed the NYC Marathon yesterday. This week, we are featuring Erica Sara- jewelry designer/entrepreneur, blogger, runner, and soon to be mom (she’s expecting in November!).  

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Lets talk foods and cravings. What (if anything) have you been craving during your pregnancy? 

Chocolate pudding, carbs, and more carbs. No joke, I used to be a vegan and eat clean. But during this pregnancy thats totally gone out the door. I’ve even been drinking ginger ale- which grosses me out just to say it. So much sugar! But yea! The other day I had a super strong craving for chocolate pudding. The pre-prego Erica would have made her own pudding, but not pregnant Erica. I drove myself to store and bought the pudding cups. And let me just say- they are delicious. 

I absolutely LOVE my Erica Sara Designs “Move Forward bracelet”. What inspired you to create your jewelry empire?

Honestly, motherhood. At time I created Erica Sara Designs, all of my friends were having children. Running was my baby. It was something I cherished. I felt like it defined me. And I wanted something to represent each race, each mile, each moment of training I went through. I had been a buyer and really loved using my creativity. I was talking to my mom (because we all know moms give the best advise) and she suggested I combine my passion for running and creativity. I never expected it to turn into this. I mean there have been holiday seasons where I literally have worked for 3 days straight with no sleep. My old apartment in NYC literally became a jewelry making studio with a bed. It was crazy. But yea, motherhood or really the absence of motherhood in my life made me want to create something near and dear to me. 

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How has being pregnant impacted your healthy lifestyle- pudding cups aside? 

Hugely so. I was running 7, 8, 9 miles seamlessly and training for race season when I went out for a run and had to stop continuously throughout the whole run. I could barely do 2 miles. It was then I realized I was pregnant. For my first trimester, I was fortunate enough to be able to run but I really had to listen to my body. This pregnancy has forced me to listen to my body and adjust what I am doing based on how I am feeling. But I’ve tried it all- I was spinning until it was uncomfortable on the bike with my bump, and I also have done a lot of yoga. At this point, with 3 weeks left, I have cut most exercise and I am totally ok with that. 


What are some tips you have for other pregnant athletes? 

SO many. Do I have to limit my amount here?! Here is the best thing I can advise: 

Listen to your body! There are so many changes that happen during pregnancy. Expect change and embrace it. Some of us are able to run races and stick to regular fitness regimes. Others aren’t. The media focuses so much on the mamas who are pregnant and complete marathons, 1/2s etc. But there are even more of us who totally cut back, AND thats totally ok. 


What are you looking forward to most?

I’m going to have a corny moment here. Other than just not being pregnant and tired and having cravings, I am really looking forward to being a family. I have always wanted to be a mom and am so fortunate to have found a husband who I love. I honestly cannot wait for the moment that we get to share bringing someone into the world. And it continues from there! Everything from spending holidays together, family walks, and celebrating firsts. Being a family is just a dream come true to me. 

We love Erica Sara here at RUNgiaRUN and wish her all the happiness and good fortune as she takes on this next journey!  Looking forward to seeing the little one Erica! 

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  1. This is so great! I love Erica’s “corny” answer because it’s just SO true. Having a baby (or two in my case!) is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Kids are amazing and give you so much more then you ever thought. I absolutely love Erica’s jewelry (I have two pieces) and I can’t wait to see what she creates postpartum!! Good luck Erica!

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