Pregnancy Annoucement

A BIG announcement! The Gs are being promoted ….

To Big Brother and Big Sister! Squeeeeeeeee!

Big reveal 4

Number 3 is on the way!  I’m 11 weeks pregnant! 

I have been DYING you guys … dying to tell you what’s going on and how incredibly happy I am.  This is our miracle baby, conceived unexpectedly and naturally.  I was told by my doctors that this was an impossibility and I was at my fertility specialist ready to start another round of Frozen Embryo Transfer when I found out that I was pregnant.  

Given my history with miscarriages (more on that one later) I’ve been edgy and conservative for the past 11 weeks … but after a CVS and a lot of positive feedback from my new doctor I’m finally confident in this beautiful miracle!  This. Is. Happening!!!!!

IMG 8391

And now I get to write pregnancy updated!  Welcome to Week 11:

How I’m Feeling This Week:

OK lets be real, as miraculous and amazing as it is that #3 is on the way, I am also in my first trimester of pregnancy which is no walk in the park.

In general … I feel like a tiny alien has taken over every part of my body.  Wait Wait.  That’s true.  I am doing WAY better this week than the past 5 weeks.  My ”morning sickness” seems to now be concentrated to after 4pm as opposed to 24/7!  So that is a huge improvement.  

Exhaustion has taken over my life.  I cannot express how tired I am this pregnancy.  This week I fell asleep at lunch, face down on my kitchen table.  

Crohn’s.  Oh man, I learned this one in my first pregnancy … my Crohn’s flares up when I’m pregnant.  With The Gs it was the whole time.  Maybe with this one it will be different.  However I am living a constant mild-moderate flare and dealing with it as best I can.  

How I’m Changing this week:

My belly is absolutely starting to poke out.  I’m noticing my belly button flatten out as well, which is always funny to me.  I wonder if its going to pop out with this pregnancy?  It didn’t with The Gs.  However … winning the body metamorphosis race is my upper half and I’m not a fan.  I need to go bra shopping – am i the only one who dreads this?

What I’m eating (and not eating) this week:

One word. Ravenous – A first for this pregnancy.  The first few weeks I was nauseous basically all the time and choked down a very well rounded diet of All. The. Carbs. 

IMG 7962

pasta with a side of rice.  Yes Please 

But now i’m starving. I wake up hungry and it doesn’t quit until the 4pm witching hour.

I am mainly craving salty things and fats.  Avocados are my # 1 love right now, I eat at least a half an avocado a day.  I also have a new found love for turkey jerky.  Turkey Jerkey was never on my radar before and man I was missing out!  Its amazing.  

Other than the jerky, I’m having trouble with meat unless it is well hidden or extremely plain.  The smell of cooking meat makes me run in the other direction … and don’t get me started on the butcher section of the supermarket!  

How does fitness feel this week:

Exercise feels good again this week.  Woot Woot!!!

I absolutely have slowed down over the past weeks.  I’m not running very much and spending most of my cardio with spinning or power walking … and I kinda love it!  Its been pretty icy and it makes me nervous to run, but I still love fresh air and walking is a great form of cardio for me right now. 

IMG 8403

Coming up this week … I delve into my fitness life and share what the Gs said when we told them about the pregnancy! 


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  1. Congratulations!!! Your story has been very inspirational and I’m so happy your miracle has come true. It means a lot to have you share your experience.

  2. Congrats, Gia & family! I am so so happy for you! This pregnancy is so different than my first or when I miscarried, but I definitely crave(d) all the carbs and salt!!

  3. Congratulations!!! How exciting!!! <3 <3

    I'm pregnant with my 2nd right now, and I feel you on the exhaustion! It's crazy how it makes life so much tougher, haha. But of course, so worth it 🙂

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