Rejoining the Blog-o-Sphere

Hi World!

I really can’t believe I haven’t posted since June. Life really flies by when you’re not looking.

The truth is, I’ve missed this little corner of the internet. There are quite a few things going on in my life right now (read: newborn, new town, super busy twins, postpartum fitness) … and I really want to share!

I don’t know how much of it will be about running … I have a big race coming up in the Spring that I will start training for soon. However I do know that I will be sharing more of my adventures as a fitness loving mom of 3.

A little recap of where life is at right now.

This guy was born 6 weeks ago. #APA is the sweetest little muffin, a fantastic sleeper and an all around love bug. We are very blessed



(birth story in the works!)

These 2 are turning 5 next week!

IMG 0602

(birthday party happening next weekend!!)

#TheGs are enamored with their little brother and smother him with love. They are also in a new school this year, with lots of new friends and new adventures. That in addition to Ballet, Tae Kwon Do, Basketball, Hip Hop, Sports Conditioning and Piano keeps us all VERY busy.

#APA is my little sidekick, accompanying me to the kids classes, all of my walks and appointments. He is a trooper for sure, and his portability is WAY different than the twins were. I also find myself being more flexible with his schedule – which maybe makes him more adaptable?! Not sure, but more musings on that to come.

IMG 0568

I am 6 weeks post C-Section. I had complications with the surgery and have had to take it much easier on myself than I did after the twins birth. I walk, I have been doing barre class and light weights. My favorite thing to do these days is take #APA in the Ergo and walk up the big hills in my neighborhood 🙂 He sleeps, I get a good workout, its a win.


However I find that if I push myself too much I pay for it with swelling and pain. I see my doctor this week and am hoping to get a better read on when I can step up physical activity. I miss sweating, running and endorphins so so much. I look forward to the feeling of tacking the day after a great run.

And thats life right now, its a fine balance of hectic and quiet moments … and I 100% love it.

Talk soon! APA’s Birth Story and Month 1 recap coming this week. I’m also thinking of going back and writing some on pregnancy. Thoughts on that?

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4 thoughts on “Rejoining the Blog-o-Sphere

  1. HE IS A DREAM BOAT. Bottom line!!! I hear you on the c-section. I scrubbed some dishes too soon and MAN did I pay for that! I remember being at my parents about 5 weeks PP having to take RX strength advil because I got that horrible searing stabbing pain randomly! It sneaks up on you. You are doing so much, take time to rest there will be plenty of time for sweat!

  2. Welcome back! I have loved seeing all the pictures of your new little guy (and of course the twins!) on Instagram and FB but so great having you back in this space.
    I love that you have “just” one baby now and are enjoying all the freedom that brings! I’ve always wondered what that would be like so I can’t wait to hear more…
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