About Gia

I am a mom of twins, a marathon runner, a coach and a fit life connoisseur. I believe in the possibility of life balance and work together with runners, racers, Moms, Dads and families to achieve that same life balance.

My biggest sense of accomplishment is when people realize they are not alone, that they can share in their journey, that they can achieve goals, be empowered and enjoy balance in their lives.

I am a runner. OBSESSED. Its my happy place, its how I clear my head, get motivation and feel strong. I have run multiple marathons and am perpetually training for the next one. You can read about my upcoming races here.

My family is my world. I’m married to my best friend and I thank my lucky stars every day. VC and I have 3 year old twins. The G’s are the best thing that I have ever done. Seriously … we have amazing kids! Together VC and I have a huge network of family in our lives.

I have a few mottos in life:

1. GO

Put one foot in front of the other and GET GOING. I apply this to distance running and I think its why I love to run so much. If you just continually put one foot in front of the other and fight the nagging urge to stop, you will always be surprised at how much gets accomplished.


Do what you love, don’t feel guilty for it … don’t apologize for it. Just enjoy it. You will always be good at what you love.


Savor moments. Whether its GOING or ENJOYING its so important to BE in the moment. Look around, smile and notice how awesome life is.


Welcome into my life … and the place where write about my journey.  Sharing the whole truth – the missteps and the good decisions. Because the life of this MamaLete is a journey not a destination.

You can read all about my journey into running here.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer or a nutritionist. I am a USATF certified running coach. I share my thoughts based on experience and research. I hope you enjoy them and I am always happy to answer questions!

My Achievements

Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2013- 3:32:

Asics Los Angeles Marathon 2013– 3:32:19

Anthem Richmond Marathon 2012– 3:35:10

ING New York City Marathon 2011 – 3:48:30

Half Marathon

Clif Bar Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon 2013– 1:39:42

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – 1:43:55

ING Miami Half Marathon 2012 – 1:50:31

10 K

NYRR NY Mini 10k 2013 – 45:56

Healthy Kidney 10K 2008 – 52:21

4 Mile

Mind Body and Spirit Games 2011 – 31:04

1 Mile

NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile Presented by Nissan 2013 – 6:17