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Reviews of Kid’s classes in New York City

Kiddie Class Spotlight – Big Muscles for Little Babies at Kidville

Class Taken: Big Muscles for Little Babies

Class Location: Kidville UES

What is Kidville??

It is an indoor facility which has classes, programs, play space, a cafe, some have kiddie hair salons and a store.  Basically its a one stop HOUSE OF FUN for kids.  And a lovely large space where NYC parents can be indoors but out of their confining apartments!!

There are 5 locations in Manhattan. Outside of NYC there are Kidvilles in CA, FL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, NV and TX.

Age Range: 6-12 months

Class Description: Babies learn something new about their bodies every day. This program prepares and teaches grown-ups how to support each baby as he or she faces new challenges. We’ll help their little muscles grow with work on inclines, balls, tunnels, and the Tumble Trak as they make their moves from sitting to standing and crawling to cruising. They’ll also relax with our indoor swings and bubble dances, as their smiles grow as big as their muscles! (from the Kidville website)

Reviewed by: Gia and the 2G’s

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