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How to convert a golf skeptic – #Play9Golf

I’ve been married for 5 years to a pretty avid golfer. A 7am on Saturdays, meetings on the course, travel for the sport kind of guy. For the most part I will say that he balances his time spent golfing really well … But I have noticed just how much time golf can require.

Personally, I’ve never had much interest. I prefer to spend my Saturday morning hours running lots of miles and I take my “work” meetings on the run. The environment of a golf course is nice, serene and I could sometimes be found hanging on the cart while he golfed in the later afternoon but I never thought to pick up a club.  It seemed to me that golf and distance running could never be combined in my life.

Enter Play 9 golf.

IMG 5045

Last week I was invited to take part in this new initiative that American Express, USGA and professional golfer Rickie Fowler are promoting called Play 9.  The Play 9 program is encouraging golfers to fit a nine-hole round into their busy schedules, making the game accessible to more people. As it turns out many golfers find it challenging to regularly fit in a full round and playing 9 makes it easier to get more out of the game they love in less time.  What I heard out of that was accessible and less time … exactly what was deterring me from the sport. 

Oh yes and Rickie Fowler :)

In efforts to attend this event and not seem like a complete goon, I had a quick lesson on the range the weekend before.  Result: fully enjoy the challenge of the game.  Way harder than it looks.

Not feeling 100% confident to just go out on the course, I opted for another lesson on Play 9 day … which again went well and left me with a serious urge to golf?!

IMG 5044

And a new found love for adorable golf clothes.

IMG 5047

I finally put my skills into play with 9 holes this past saturday afternoon.  After a hot and hilly long run, I showered up and headed back outside with my husband to his club.  And its official, this golf skeptic now has a new hobby.  The concept of playing 9 holes is so much easier for me to wrap my head around and the time spent is way more doable.  I’ll be honest and say that after about 7-8 holes I was a little spent, but thats most likely because I was grossly over par for that majority of the holes.  Oops.  I figure with a little practice 9 holes will take me just about as long as a yoga class

For those of you who don’t golf, but are golf curious I highly recommend checking out the play 9 concept and program.  And if you are a true beginner who wants to play with someone else that knows nothing, let me know!

IMG 5105

The Play 9 WEBSITE has a ton of good info and some tips on how to get started, there are certainly some ettiquite things that are unique to the sport along with certain courses that participate in the Play 9 initiative.

Thank you to American Express for the foray into a new found hobby and the chance to Play 9!


Every Day is MamaLete Day

Wow Guys!

MamaLete Day was so inspiring! I loved seeing all of your smiling, sweaty faces with your littles and your bumps.

Screen Shot 2014 05 15 at 11 59 14 AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 1.39.25 PM

This community of women is extraordinary.

Screen Shot 2014 05 15 at 11 47 17 AM

The truth is though, every day is Mamalete Day.  Mamaletes begin each day inspiring someone.  Its a job that has no start or end time, a title that lives with you forever and a commitment that is life long.  That is why this community is so important, we need to motivate each other to keep it up.  We need to brag to one another when we have a big win, and we need to show off the smiling faces of the ones that we inspire.

Screen Shot 2014 05 15 at 11 50 35 AM

So keep your posting, hashtag your photos and find friends.  The MamaLete Community welcomes everyone with open arms.  

Screen Shot 2014 05 15 at 11 57 55 AM

Screen Shot 2014 05 15 at 11 08 51 AM


Mother’s Day – Running with The Gs

I don’t know if this happens to the other moms out there, but every year of my Mother’s Day career … the week before Mother’s Day this is the conversation:

“What do you want to do on Sunday?” – VC

“What would make you sooooo happy?” – G2

“Mama, I know you want to get your nails done for Mother’s Day, riiiiight?” – G1

It means so much that they all want to do what makes me happy and as of now I’m super grateful that they love what I love because obvi the answer to all of those questions is running.

IMG 3674

This is the 2nd year we have run the NYRR Japan Run in Central Park.  I run the 4 mile race and then VC meets me with the Gs to run the kids race.  Last year they were pretty small, and were in the youngest age group … but this year we had to wait our turn.

IMG 3658G1, clearly conserving her energy for the big race …

As we stood there, G1 must have asked me 10 times if I would stay with her, hold her hand and run beside her.  And then we were at the start line, the minute the official yelled GO and she dropped me like a hot potato …

Screen Shot 2014 05 11 at 10 19 43 AM

Thats my girl.  G2 on the other hand stuck right by me

Screen Shot 2014 05 11 at 10 20 10 AM

Spoiler Alert, G1 swept it.  However G2 gave her a huge hug and said “Great job! You’re a fast runner!” and just like that I melted into a puddle of happy motherhood and walked on air for the rest of the day.


I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day, that you gave or were given hugs, love, and lots of thanks.