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To the running community,  

I apologize for both the bib transfer and for using a time that wasn’t mine. Please understand that I respect the BAA and the Boston Marathon. I personally know how hard it is to qualify and how hard we runners work to have the privilege of running this marathon.

I made a mistake, I made a bad decision and I have been punished.  I feel very sorry. 

My hope is that with this apology the hatred out there can stop.  Running is about camaraderie, I am so sorry for bringing negativity out of the community that I think is beautiful.  We all make mistakes, we are human.  I claim this mistake with no excuses and accept the punishment with as much dignity as possible.   

I wish all of those runners running in the 2016 Boston Marathon a great race and many happy miles.  

Why I’m not running Boston 2016. A Cautionary Tale.

Otherwise titled …. It Could Happen to You.

The Boston Marathon. It’s THE race. For us amateur marathoners it’s the shining star, the center podium.

If you have been following my journey you know that Boston, even though I have qualified twice, has eluded me. I have been unable to run with my bib 2 years in a row. The first time because I had just suffered a miscarriage and the second time because I was pregnant.

This year I was able to run. Yes I had a baby via c-section 7 months before the race. Yes I had complications from said c-section. But gosh darn it I am healthy and recovering and NOT pregnant … So I was going to run BOSTON!! I trained my little postpartum heart out.

And then the other shoe dropped.

As I said before I was unable to run with my bib last year. However someone did run with that bib. I gave it to a friend. I didn’t sell my bib, she didn’t pay a dime for it and I didn’t pay her to run with it. I gave it to her with the thought that someone should love the bib. Someone should enjoy the miles that I worked so hard for. It was a stupid thing to do, but I swear it was entirely innocent.

Based on an “anonymous tip” the BAA found out. They had photo proof that I wasn’t the runner who ran with my bib. This breaks their rules and disqualifies me from running in any further BAA races.

My heart is broken. I’m embarrassed and ashamed.

I did what so many of us do, we transfer bibs that are non-transferable. Some even sell them. We think it’s innocent, we don’t think we will get caught.

I know I broke the rules and therefore fault no one but myself. I take full ownership of this. BUT let me be an example, I hope that other runners are reading this and think twice before they make a mistake like i did.  Don’t get yourself get disqualified from a race series, it’s a terrible feeling.  

To the Boston Marathon, I don’t know if I will ever be at peace with this. It’s a tough pill to swallow … For now I will continue to strive for another qualification and maybe, just maybe you will forgive this mama for the mistake she made.

The thing about life is that there are ups and downs, there are times when curve balls are thrown at you and they sting. I’ve had some big ups and downs over the past 3 years and although this may seem like a low, its hard to see it that way.  When I look at the face of my beautiful baby boy its crystal clear: APA > Boston … I’d give up this race and pretty much everything else for my family (obviously). Our 3rd child has been a lesson of patience and true love. It took a lot of patience for him to come into our lives and now that he is here I would go through it all again to love this little boy.

Its not unlike running and marathoning … the journey isn’t always pleasant and man sometimes it hurts but the pure joy of accomplishment makes us love the run.  And we will always run, because no matter what the journey feels like we keep training because we truly love it. So I continue on, running and accomplishing and all the ups and downs that go along with it. I learned a lesson here, but it will never deter me from doing what I love to do.


My new favorite training buddy #ItrainFor

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you know I have been working with Mountain Athletics from The North Face to share the details of their new app and clothing lines.  (Post 1, Post 2)

I wanted to check in with you guys and let you know how much I am loving training with the Mountain Athletics App.  

mountain athletics badge

Being almost 7 months pregnant, Im feeling the effects of summer on my running.  Its hot outside and I’m feeling more and more tightness across my abdomen when I run.  So my cardio has been a mix of light jogging and power walking.  

Except for this one little race … which I placed 2nd in the stroller division.  Maybe my purple North Face shorts were the lucky charm?! Or maybe it was the strength I’ve built up by using the app?!  Who knows but I’ll take it.  

Tenafly 5K Stroller Division

I have been trying to keep up with strength … because I know that as long as I keep my strength and fitness level up I will (hopefully) have an easy bounce back post birth.  

The issue there is coming up with the strength routines.  Thankfully, The Mountain Athletics App has been an easy go to for a great mix of cardio – plyometrics and short distance running – and strength – think AMRAP-style workouts- and rest.  The best part being the form cue videos which guide you through an exercise If you aren’t sure how to do a move.  

led form mountain athletics

(App is free for IOS users and for Droid users the videos can be found on You Tube) Download the Mountain Athletics App

The programs on the app are 6 weeks long, but you can skip workouts if need be.  For instance:

IMG 9875

As much fun as this workout sounds, I can’t do 2 of the 4 exercises during pregnancy so unfortunately I skipped it and moved onto something I can complete.  

I really believe in the accessibility that The North Face is giving fitness.  Being a busy mom, I need things that I can do and start on my own time and that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  With this app you can work out at any time and The North Face has some really great events every two weeks, which are totally free.  I give The North Face 2 thumbs up for supporting the goals of all different types of athletes.    



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