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My First Trimester and Workouts

Coming as a surprise to no one … (but me) my workouts have changed in a big way during the first trimester.  I think there are 3 reasons for this:

  • Exhaustion … I mean wow. A 60 Min soul cycle class feels like a long run now 
  • Nausea/”morning” sickness … so with the Gs I was able to push past the nausea and work out. The fresh air helped and it was always a good thing.  Not so much with this little one.  I have had multiple runs or walks where I pulled over to be sick.  Something about the heart rate made me queasy and there was no pushing past it. 
  • Fear. I had 3 miscarriages last year alone.  I have been legit scared for the past 11 weeks and taking it really easy on myself.  I have zero regrets about this and would reccomend to anyone who is pregnant to follow what your gut tells you to do.  

Even though all of the above explanations make complete sense and I know that I should expect a slow down, my mind still doesn’t work that way.   Throughout this trimester I would make my fitness plan for the week, and inevitably over plan.  But I guess shoot for the stars?! 

IMG 7989

Baby Biceps are there … and I’m trying to keep them! 

So I thought it would be fun to do a little write up about fitness week by week.  Telling you what my plan was vs what actually happened.  

FYI I come up with my fitness plans for the week as a way of pre planning my “me” time … (see my guide for fitting in fitness here)  

Because I’m not training for any races I tend to make my fitness plan around classes that I sign up for - i.e. Soul Cycle, Bar Method, or Orange Theory … and I fill it in from there with what sounds fun.  So here we go … 

(4) My Fitness Plan vs. Actual Week of 2/23 – 3/1

  • Monday Plan: Run/Walk for 45 mins
  • Monday Actual: Rest Day.  Unplanned, completely lovely rest day.
  • Tuesday Plan: Soul Cycle – 45 Mins
  • Tuesday Actual: Soul Cycle with Daniel – 45 mins
  • Wednesday Plan: Bar Method – 60 Mins
  • Wednesday Actual: Run/Walk 90 mins … I went to Bar Method with the full intention of taking a class only to find out that I needed a doctors note because I finally told then I was preggo.  You guys, I literally got kicked out of class.  It was so embarrassing.  So I took the Gs to school and headed to my favorite path in NJ to blow off a little steam.
IMG 8384
  • Thursday Plan: Bar Method – 60 Mins
  • Thursday Actual: Bar Method (with a doctors note) 
  • Friday Plan: Rest Day after CVS Test
  • Friday Actual: Rest Day.  I was pretty sore from the CVS and I didnt really want to get out of bed at all.  Thankfully VC stayed home and helped with the kids.
IMG 8366
This is what staying in bed looks like in my world! 
  • Saturday Plan: Long walk or Reformer
  • Saturday Actual: BOTH!!  When I finally emerged from the bedroom saturday morning I was FULL of energy.  I wanted to take it easy on my walk (I always say I’m going to walk and end up running) so I took Skye with me and we headed out for a nice long/hilly walk.  When I got back my mom had the kids under control so I headed down to the gym for a little reformer love.  
IMG 8404
  • Sunday Plan: Soul Cycle – 60 Mins
  • Sunday Actual: Soul Cycle 60 Mins with Ellianna.  This was a struggle, but I felt great when I was finished.  

Total Miles Run: 3

I would call the week a win.  I am absolutely feeling more energy this week than the previous weeks.  I also had a bit of mental anxiety lifted when we had a clear CVS and a beautiful UltraSound showing a healthy and active baby.  On to the next week.  My goals for next week are to incorporate a tad more running and see how it feels. 

How about you?  What goals did you accomplish this week?  Fit Mamas … did your first trimester workouts look drastically different from the rest of the pregnancy? 


Fitness Classes I’m loving Lately

Its cold.  I mean really cold … and while I used to be much better at braving it for a run.  I am not doing well this year.  Yesterday I actually got dressed, completely bundled got my game face on and headed out.  I lasted 3 mins.  Its soooo cold.  

IMG 8088

Skye thinks I’m a wimp. 

I always love fitness classes, but when its cold I love them even more.  Some that I am loving lately are:

Orange Theory

This has been on my radar for a while, I mean its practically sweeping the nation in expansion.  And there is a great reason for it.  


I would compare this to a Boot Camp class (similar to Barry’s) minus the crazy intensity shoved in your face.  Don’t get me wrong, its intense and a phenomenal workout … but there is no screaming and grunting.  Its 1/3 Treadmill, 1/3 WaterRower, 1/3 Strength and you rotate through circuits of all 3.  Every class is different and challenging in its own little way.  I’m a huge huge fan! 

You wear a heart rate monitor and workout in zones.  Your heart rate is displayed on flatscreen in a few places so that you can check in with the zone you are in.  The effects of which are said to make for a great “after burn” … so basically you are still burning when you are chowing down on your lunch post class.  #winning


There is a great article by Well+Good on the class here 

*another bonus to this class is that it is not nationwide … check the site.  They are seriously EVERYWHERE. 

Peloton Cycle

Oh how I want a Peloton bike in my house.  I love the options at Peloton.  They play to all schools of riders … what I mean by that is that there are some indoor cycling classes that are very much based on the rhythm (I.E. Soul Cycle) and others that are based on the metrics of the ride (I.E. Flywheel).  Peloton has both types of classes.  

IMG 7884

They also have a super luxe studio in NYC. Think coffee shop, cushy couches, no narrow hallways that sweaty people brush against each other in (so gross).


If you own a bike at home you can either join a class that is currently happening or you can select one that already happened.  My fav feature is that you can virtually ride with your friends.  So I would like to propose that we all get Peloton Bikes and have virtual rides!! So fun right!

Bar Method

This is my new suburban barre love.  Its subbing for Figure 4 and doing an amazing job.  

All the pulsing, burning, micro movements that feel like small knives are in your muscles amazingness.  Sounds like torture and it kinda is, but the results and the feeling after a class are OH. SO. WORTH. IT. 


 Now your turn … any thing to add to these? I am always looking to try out a new class! 

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Mama Mondays – This Mama’s Guide to Fitting in Fitness

Hi All!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.  We did … snow and all.  Did anyone else on the easy coast suddenly break out the short sleeves when it hit 35 degrees and sunny yesterday.  You know its been a rough winter when 35 degrees is a heat wave.  Yikes.  

There has been quite a bit of chatter on the inter webs about Fitting in Fitness as a mama.  (beginning with this awesome article from Daily Burn) I wanted to share my thoughts on it.  Not my advice, but rather my thoughts and what works (and doesn’t work) for me.  


  • Number one MUST do for me is to stop being so hard on myself.  Holy WOW this is a hard one … but

The reality is that I just cannot do it all.  And the beauty is that I don’t HAVE to do it all to be a great mama and a champion MamaLete.  

Now this is a very narrow line because, lets face it, its easy to cut myself a little too much slack.  However I have to keep into consideration that there are a lot of moving pieces in my day.  Being scheduled isn’t that easy anymore … and sometimes I don’t have 60 mins or even 45 mins to dedicate to a workout.  With that in mind I do what I can when I can.  

  • Make fitness plans in advance

I may not make it to all of my planned workouts, but it takes the thinking out of my fitness routine

I’ll tell you what doesn’t work … waking up on a monday morning and having no idea what I am going to do for fitness that day.  My fitness plans are always in the back of my mind, that sounds bad, I’m not preoccupied by them, but they do circle in my brain until they are accomplished.  IF I don’t have an advanced plan or idea of what I’m going to do in a day it’s an 80% chance that I won’t get to them. 

  • Be creative

My fitness plans don’t always fit into a box of what is normal, but creativity helps me accomplish them

Its 3pm, I’m at the park watching The G’s play soccer.  I haven’t gotten my workout in today.  I can either sit there and wonder how I can fit it all in OR get up and get going.  I’m that mom who can be found doing laps around the soccer field or I find a corner of the park where I can still see The Gs and start a circuit routine.  Jumping Jacks, squats, lunges, push ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, burpees, planks …  ALL equipment free strength training that can be done while waiting.  

Another trick of mine is to take every single moment I have.  Its 20 mins before school pick up, it doesn’t seem long enough for a run BUT its better than nothing.  I park at the school early and run around the block a few times.  Just get my sweat on, it doesn’t matter for how long.  What matters is that I did it. 

  • Multitask 
I KNOW.  Its hilarious to hear that because a mama’s life is multitasking … at ALL times 
But hear me out.  I have a 45 minute conference call that is the only real time I have to myself for the day.  IF I have care for the kids or they are at school, I use that time for fitness as well.  I may not be able to do sprints or burpees, but I can go for a light jog, or a power walk … I can set the treadmill at an incline and walk, and even get in some light weights when I’m on my headset.  Seriously!  Use that time, you’re a mom … talking and working out is way easier than the other multi tasking we have to do in a day!! 
* pro tip, depending on who you are talking to you may want to state what you are doing.  Its a little awkward, but you would be surprised how many of my clients or calls are impressed with my drive to fit it all in *


NOW … its your turn!! I want to hear whats working for YOU.  And what isnt!!