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Spring Running – Tips for a seamless seasonal change

I am going to go ahead and declare that spring is here.  Power of positive thinking right?!

Every year when I transition from winter running to spring running, I feel like I want to share the small tweaks that make it a success … this year I am actually doing it! 

Spring Running

1. Socks.  You know those super heavy winter socks that you have been wearing … get rid of them.  There is nothing worse than hot feet on a run.  Find your lighter weight socks and do a happy dance while you put them on

IMG 8230

2. Shoes.

  • Once you have those lighter socks on, make sure your shoes fit!  They will be looser, but also keep in mind that the warmer weather brings swelling feet.  You may just have to tighten up the laces a bit.
  • Spring is also a great time to break out the lighter running shoes.  I am NOT saying to take your zero drop sneaks out for a 10 miler, but start rotating in some lighter weight running shoes to your shorter runs and see how it feels.  
New Balance Fresh Foam
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante are my fav lighter weight shoe! 

3. Layer.  The weather is confusing in the spring, it feels cold when you step outside but once you start running its warm.  I always wear a tank with a long sleeve layered over it.  That way I can take the long sleeve off and tie it around my waist when I’m hot.  

4. Don’t forget the tissue.  Spring brings runny noses, its a fact and its annoying while your running. Do yourself a favor and carry along a kleenex. 

5. Break away from the treadmill.  You spent months on that thing in the winter, now is the time to go outside. Find a running route close to you and rock it.  

6. Don’t be afraid of the rain.  If you have never run in the rain you are missing out.  Its delightful and makes you feel pretty bad ass 🙂 Something to remember, wear a hat or sunglasses … getting pelted in the eyes with rain drops will take the fun right out of it! 

And for the MOST important …

7. Pace Yourself!  When spring hits and the sun is on my face I feel like i could run forever, but the truth is that I generally need to build myself back up from a winter lull.  

The worst thing you can do is dive right into running 6 days a week when you ran only 2 in the winter.  Ease into it, build yourself back up.  A general rule of thumb is to increase your weekly mileage by 10% every week.  

Now go out there and soak up some sunny miles!! 


Mama Mondays – This Mama’s Guide to Fitting in Fitness

Hi All!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.  We did … snow and all.  Did anyone else on the easy coast suddenly break out the short sleeves when it hit 35 degrees and sunny yesterday.  You know its been a rough winter when 35 degrees is a heat wave.  Yikes.  

There has been quite a bit of chatter on the inter webs about Fitting in Fitness as a mama.  (beginning with this awesome article from Daily Burn) I wanted to share my thoughts on it.  Not my advice, but rather my thoughts and what works (and doesn’t work) for me.  


  • Number one MUST do for me is to stop being so hard on myself.  Holy WOW this is a hard one … but

The reality is that I just cannot do it all.  And the beauty is that I don’t HAVE to do it all to be a great mama and a champion MamaLete.  

Now this is a very narrow line because, lets face it, its easy to cut myself a little too much slack.  However I have to keep into consideration that there are a lot of moving pieces in my day.  Being scheduled isn’t that easy anymore … and sometimes I don’t have 60 mins or even 45 mins to dedicate to a workout.  With that in mind I do what I can when I can.  

  • Make fitness plans in advance

I may not make it to all of my planned workouts, but it takes the thinking out of my fitness routine

I’ll tell you what doesn’t work … waking up on a monday morning and having no idea what I am going to do for fitness that day.  My fitness plans are always in the back of my mind, that sounds bad, I’m not preoccupied by them, but they do circle in my brain until they are accomplished.  IF I don’t have an advanced plan or idea of what I’m going to do in a day it’s an 80% chance that I won’t get to them. 

  • Be creative

My fitness plans don’t always fit into a box of what is normal, but creativity helps me accomplish them

Its 3pm, I’m at the park watching The G’s play soccer.  I haven’t gotten my workout in today.  I can either sit there and wonder how I can fit it all in OR get up and get going.  I’m that mom who can be found doing laps around the soccer field or I find a corner of the park where I can still see The Gs and start a circuit routine.  Jumping Jacks, squats, lunges, push ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, burpees, planks …  ALL equipment free strength training that can be done while waiting.  

Another trick of mine is to take every single moment I have.  Its 20 mins before school pick up, it doesn’t seem long enough for a run BUT its better than nothing.  I park at the school early and run around the block a few times.  Just get my sweat on, it doesn’t matter for how long.  What matters is that I did it. 

  • Multitask 
I KNOW.  Its hilarious to hear that because a mama’s life is multitasking … at ALL times 
But hear me out.  I have a 45 minute conference call that is the only real time I have to myself for the day.  IF I have care for the kids or they are at school, I use that time for fitness as well.  I may not be able to do sprints or burpees, but I can go for a light jog, or a power walk … I can set the treadmill at an incline and walk, and even get in some light weights when I’m on my headset.  Seriously!  Use that time, you’re a mom … talking and working out is way easier than the other multi tasking we have to do in a day!! 
* pro tip, depending on who you are talking to you may want to state what you are doing.  Its a little awkward, but you would be surprised how many of my clients or calls are impressed with my drive to fit it all in *


NOW … its your turn!! I want to hear whats working for YOU.  And what isnt!!

#RunCoach: Running UpHill

Running Up Hills

Run Coach Question of the Week:

What is the right way to run uphill? 

(1) Engage your lower abs: Activating your lower abs will ensure that you aren’t pushing your backside out and creating an arch in your back.  You want to tuck your hips and take any curve out of your lower back.

(2) Think arms: Zip your arms in close to your body and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.  Think about pushing backwards with the elbows so that you get a full arm swing, rather than just swinging your arms at the front of your body.

(3) Shorten your stride & activate from your toes: push off your toes as you drive uphill, that will give you more power.  Take smaller, quicker steps rather than trying to bound up the hill.

(4) Lean into the hill:  A proper lean is not hinging at the waist, but rather from the ankles.  You want to angle your body into the hill, so as not to fight gravity.

(5) Keep Smiling. You’re almost to the top!

Do you have a running question for me? Leave me a comment below or send me an email at!