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Happy 3rd Birthday Gs

3 years ago today I woke up in a quiet house … sometime around 10am.  VC was already at work and I was the only one home.  Later that day I ran a slow run in Central Park with no specific time frame, I took a super long hot shower and carefully folded a laundry load of small baby clothes.  I remember day dreaming in my quiet house, wondering what the little people would look like who would wear those clothes.  Later that day the Gs came into our world a little earlier than expected

This morning I was awakened by an excited G at 6am, she chatted in my bed while I attempted to wake up.  20 Minutes later the other G came in wanting to read books and play games.  Successfully awake we ran through the house looking for presents, sang while we made a special breakfast and played with Papa.  Voices were loud and squeals were frequent.  Later in the morning while VC watched the Gs I squeezed in a 35 minute run, knowing that I could take ONLY 35 Minutes and not a second longer.  I ran back into the house, took a short shower which was invaded upon by 2 toddlers who stripped and jumped in with me.  Finally we all got ready while listening to our favorite songs and went to the G’s birthday party.

IMG 1342

To say that my life has changed in the understatement of the century.  Quiet is a thing of the past, being home alone never happens, I have become an early riser, rarely get to shower with the door closed and every run I go on has a time limit.

And its fantastic.

This life is so beautiful.  The soundtrack of my days is a sweet melody of growing children, my house is full of life, I’m surrounded by love, and having limited time to run has just made me faster.

I am thankful every single day for these beautiful faces

IMG 1045

I’m in wonder every single day as I watch the world through their eyes


I’m learning every single day what it means to be showered with love

IMG 1125

And I am endlessly grateful.

IMG 1270

Happy 3rd Birthday Gs.  Thank you for being you.


Oh, so you’re just the President?

We were recently given an incredible opportunity to attend a family meet and greet for President Obama.

Of course we had to put on our party best for the event …

IMG 0527

In preparation I had been explaining to the G’s that President Obama was kind of like the King of the United States.  I rambled on about the difference between a president and a king, the democratic process, voting … But lets get real, they aren’t even 3 yet.  I was sure that nothing I said was being absorbed and I chuckled to myself at the thought of talking politics with toddlers.

Fast forward a few hours to the ball room in the Waldorf Astoria. Continue reading


The CoatTails

Whew Team. We have A LOT to catch up on. Things are pretty crazy right now, and I am basically hanging onto the coattails of life with everything I got. But I am pretty confident in my grip … It may be a bit of a ride for a while, but eventually I will figure out how to function at this pace!

I have about 25 posts half written to share with you, but today I wanted to pop in for a quick moment and share a little piece of my day.

We started preschool this week.

IMG 0331

Even though they will eventually go to school 5 days a week for 3 hours a day, the first week is one hour each day with a parent nearby. This is part of a gentle separation process. The G’s were in a 2’s separation program 5 days a week last year, so they’re no stranger to being without me … however over the summer they’ve been increasingly more attached. I wasn’t sure how the whole thing would go, but I wasn’t too worried about it either.

Day 1 we all walked into the classroom together, they wandered around, got interested in things and I slipped out.

IMG 0330

They were pressed up at the glass door when I came back an hour later. Not upset, just excited to see me and give me the sticker they had picked out. (Be still my heart!)

IMG 0901

Day 2 we all walked in. G1 and I were in the tiny tiny bathroom washing her hands and when I came out G2 had pulled a chair from the table to the middle of the room. Standing next to it, he tapped the seat.

“Mama you can sit here and watch us play”

He got me a chair! What a little gentleman.

I sat for a while while they busied themselves. Eventually I got up and said I would see them later.

“ok, bye Mama” they said over their shoulder.

When I returned, they burst out of the door with yet another sticker for me, which I of course wore all day.

Today gave me a little confidence boost. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off right now. I am constantly late, constantly overbooked and constantly feeling guilty for not being able to slow down. I worry all the time that I am not 100% the mom that I should be.

And then my (almost) 3 year old son has the manners to get his mama a chair.

It just makes me feel like I am doing something right. 🙂 I guess I am teaching a few lessons along this crazy path.


I hope your fall is off to a great start! How are your routines different?

Mamas out there, how often do you feel like you are a chicken with its head cut off? (please tell me I’m not alone in that!)