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Spring Race Plans & Workout Wednesday

Well, last week was not a good week in the world of my fitness.  I’m so lucky and happy to be having this baby … but the extreme exhaustion and constant throwing up has Got. To. Stop.  Naturally being the deeply addicted runner that I am I used my downtime to organize my spring race schedule and make myself a training plan.  

spring training plan

I know that may be a little crazy seeing as I was pretty sidelined all week … but I feel pregnancy (and being a mom for that matter!) is all about riding the ups and downs.  I have a little being in my body and soon in my daily life who needs me and things become unpredictable.  Training for a race in pregnancy and as a mom requires flexibility and acceptance.  I accept that I may be slowing down and I’m working on being flexible, but I also have goals that I would like to accomplish.

I’m taking this and making it a lesson.  I need to embrace this change and be more flexible with my expectations for myself.  Within that its OK to have goals and dream about accomplishing them! 

My current running goals are:

More/Fitness Women Half Marathon – April 19th 

morefitness half marathon

Tinkerbell Half Marathon – May 10th. 

tinkerbell half marathon

I have no time goals with these races.  I know I will walk when I need to … and I am 100% fine with that.  Pregnant running for me is not about competition, but rather about reaching for my goals no matter what the circumstances are.  I’ve had these races planned for a long time and I am going to run them!  

So tell me! Are you running any of these races?  Have you run either of them pregnant! 

Here are the details of what happened last week

  • Monday Plan: Soul Cycle – 45 mins
  • Monday Actual: Rest Day.  
  • Tuesday Plan: Bar Method
  • Tuesday Actual: 3 mile slooooow run + weights
  • Wednesday Plan: Bar Method
  • Wednesday Actual: 30 min walk 
  • Thursday Plan: Run 40 Mins + Reformer
  • Thursday Actual: OFF
  • Friday Plan: Soul Cycle – 45 Mins
  • Friday Actual: Soul Cycle 45 mins with Jo
  • Saturday Plan: Run 45 mins + pilates
  • Saturday Actual: Pilates 30 mins
  • Sunday Plan: Soul Cycle – 60 Mins
  • Sunday Actual:  30 Min walk 

My goals for this week: Turn this ship around!! For the sake of the Gs and my poor husband – who is seriously working overtime right now!  I also have a training plan in place for the races I want to run and I plan to start following it! Wish me luck! 


My First Trimester and Workouts

Coming as a surprise to no one … (but me) my workouts have changed in a big way during the first trimester.  I think there are 3 reasons for this:

  • Exhaustion … I mean wow. A 60 Min soul cycle class feels like a long run now 
  • Nausea/”morning” sickness … so with the Gs I was able to push past the nausea and work out. The fresh air helped and it was always a good thing.  Not so much with this little one.  I have had multiple runs or walks where I pulled over to be sick.  Something about the heart rate made me queasy and there was no pushing past it. 
  • Fear. I had 3 miscarriages last year alone.  I have been legit scared for the past 11 weeks and taking it really easy on myself.  I have zero regrets about this and would reccomend to anyone who is pregnant to follow what your gut tells you to do.  

Even though all of the above explanations make complete sense and I know that I should expect a slow down, my mind still doesn’t work that way.   Throughout this trimester I would make my fitness plan for the week, and inevitably over plan.  But I guess shoot for the stars?! 

IMG 7989

Baby Biceps are there … and I’m trying to keep them! 

So I thought it would be fun to do a little write up about fitness week by week.  Telling you what my plan was vs what actually happened.  

FYI I come up with my fitness plans for the week as a way of pre planning my “me” time … (see my guide for fitting in fitness here)  

Because I’m not training for any races I tend to make my fitness plan around classes that I sign up for – i.e. Soul Cycle, Bar Method, or Orange Theory … and I fill it in from there with what sounds fun.  So here we go … 

(4) My Fitness Plan vs. Actual Week of 2/23 – 3/1

  • Monday Plan: Run/Walk for 45 mins
  • Monday Actual: Rest Day.  Unplanned, completely lovely rest day.
  • Tuesday Plan: Soul Cycle – 45 Mins
  • Tuesday Actual: Soul Cycle with Daniel – 45 mins
  • Wednesday Plan: Bar Method – 60 Mins
  • Wednesday Actual: Run/Walk 90 mins … I went to Bar Method with the full intention of taking a class only to find out that I needed a doctors note because I finally told then I was preggo.  You guys, I literally got kicked out of class.  It was so embarrassing.  So I took the Gs to school and headed to my favorite path in NJ to blow off a little steam.
IMG 8384
  • Thursday Plan: Bar Method – 60 Mins
  • Thursday Actual: Bar Method (with a doctors note) 
  • Friday Plan: Rest Day after CVS Test
  • Friday Actual: Rest Day.  I was pretty sore from the CVS and I didnt really want to get out of bed at all.  Thankfully VC stayed home and helped with the kids.
IMG 8366
This is what staying in bed looks like in my world! 
  • Saturday Plan: Long walk or Reformer
  • Saturday Actual: BOTH!!  When I finally emerged from the bedroom saturday morning I was FULL of energy.  I wanted to take it easy on my walk (I always say I’m going to walk and end up running) so I took Skye with me and we headed out for a nice long/hilly walk.  When I got back my mom had the kids under control so I headed down to the gym for a little reformer love.  
IMG 8404
  • Sunday Plan: Soul Cycle – 60 Mins
  • Sunday Actual: Soul Cycle 60 Mins with Ellianna.  This was a struggle, but I felt great when I was finished.  

Total Miles Run: 3

I would call the week a win.  I am absolutely feeling more energy this week than the previous weeks.  I also had a bit of mental anxiety lifted when we had a clear CVS and a beautiful UltraSound showing a healthy and active baby.  On to the next week.  My goals for next week are to incorporate a tad more running and see how it feels. 

How about you?  What goals did you accomplish this week?  Fit Mamas … did your first trimester workouts look drastically different from the rest of the pregnancy? 


Confidence and the Chicago Marathon

This has been the strangest fall marathon training cycle to date.  Not only have I been busy enjoying life, but I also went months (June-late August) feeling a bit uninterested in my own training.


swinging from trees >slogging through hot summer miles

Typically I am very focused.  Maybe its the fact that I haven’t given myself a proper amount of time off … or maybe its the fact that I am loving training others but I’m kind of floating through this season.  September was much much better, I have had some amazing long runs and I have gained endurance from the amount of time I spend running.

However I haven’t nailed a speed workout all season (cowers her head in shame) and its 100% because of lack of effort.  I have been trying to fit it all in, a client in the morning and my speed work later in the day.  Or speed work with a jogging stroller in the early morning hours.  Or speed work mixed into someone else’s workout.  It hasn’t worked. Continue reading