**As of 2014 I am no longer coaching or taking on clients.  I have loved working with you all! Please contact me if you need a reference for another coach** 
All coaching is goal based. Goals can be anything … the PR you have been chasing or the hope that you cross the finish line with a smile. I just ask that you have a goal, something that you want to be specifically proud of accomplishing. A runner’s journey should have mile stones and benchmarks. I want to be a part of helping you achieve those moments in your journey.

The coaching plans I offer are:

  • Virtual Coaching including email communication for all questions/concerns – training plan given 2 weeks at a time
  • Virtual Coaching with some one on ones – this one is the best of both worlds. We will work together to create a training plan, as well as run together a few times in the duration of your training
  • One on One coaching – including weekly or bi weekly running together and a training plan

In all plans I am always here to talk about:

  • Nutrition
  • Gear
  • Pacing
  • Form
  • Race Day questions

Looking for more?

See all my posts on coaching for thoughts, advice, and overall Marathon 101.

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