Gia 12
G1 and G2 are my twins, they are 3 year old fraternal girl/boy twins. I often say that life in our home is a social experiment. watching 2 children – a girl and a boy – simultaneously grow is outstanding. They are 180 degrees different from one another, they have individual very distinct personalities that have been with them since birth. They are also each other’s best friend and never like to be far apart. Their connection and love for each other warms my soul.


Twin A, the older by 30 seconds, the girliest of girls, the conversationalist.

Favorite things: Princessing, Coloring, Cooking, Ballet and chatting about everything she sees, starting promptly at 6am each day.

Favorite way to be active with Mama: Racing around town on her scooter as mama runs.

Gia 27


Twin B, the youngest, the loveable one, the quintessential boy, the thinker.

Favorite things: puzzles, legos, books and anything that requires running at full speed.

Favorite way to be active with Mama: running. All the time, everywhere, no reason to stop. Walking is overrated.

Gia 25


My husband, my sanity and the most patient person of all time. A wonderful father, an endlessly supportive husband, a marathoner x 4 … even though he really doesn’t like to run. Yes, he is that supportive 🙂

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